aka "Arnold." Known as "Arnold II" after '74 repairs
Picture of Buggy
Year Team Place Prelim Prelim Reroll Final Final Reroll DQ / Notes
1976Men's B142:44.80
1975Men's ADNF Fell over on H1
1974Men's BDNF Fell over
1973Men's ACrash Wheel fell off
1972Men's A52:32.40
1971Men's ACrash Hill 4 pothole
1970Men's A42:31.80Crash Crashed during pass attempt by ATO A
1969Men's A32:27.362:33.40 Bike. H1 tripped during finals
1968Men's A22:29.602:25.50
1967Men's BCrash
1966Men's A5
1965Men's A42:37.20 Won Consolation heat (untimed)
1964Men's A22:30.902:33.00Interference Pusher stumbled in front of BTP A
1963Men's A22:34.532:33.20
1962Men's A32:33.102:31.80
1961Men's A32:33.80
Year Awards
19725th Place Men's
19693rd Place Men'sBike. H1 tripped during finals
19682nd Place Men's
19665th Place Men's
19654th Place Men'sWon Consolation heat (untimed)
19632nd Place Men's
19623rd Place Men's
19613rd Place Men's