SDC lines up their buggies during freerolls, spring 2011

Freerolls (also commonly called “Rolls”) are the weekly practices during which teams get to roll their buggies around the entire course.

Freeroll practice happens on Saturday and Sunday mornings from sunrise (generally between 6:30 and 7:30am) until 9am in the fall and spring semesters. Practices usually run in the fall from late September to mid-November and in the spring from mid-February until Raceday (mid April). The exact dates are determined by Sweepstakes. Freerolls are cancelled if there is rain or snow or if other conditions make the course unsafe.

Freerolls are the primary practice for drivers who must learn the fastest and most reliable lines, pushers who must perfect the technique of pushing, and mechanics who refine their methods for improving their buggy’s speed. Most teams start the course at Hill 2 during rolls for convenience, but some do Hill 1’s in the later part of the spring semester.