The Sweepstakes Committee is the governing organization that runs buggy. The committee is primarily composed of the Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Safety Chairman, and Advisor. The chair positions are students elected by the participating organizations. The Advisor is a Carnegie Mellon staff member who is appointed by the administration.

Sweepstakes, as the committee is commonly referred to, has a multitude of responsibilities in running a successful race each year. The committee coordinates between the school, the city, and the participating organizations, they manage the inherent risks of the sport, and they lead in the logistics of the practice and raceday events.

The roles of the sweepstakes committee members and the authority of the committee are defined in section 3 of the Bylaws.

Members of the sweepstakes committee may appoint others to serve additional roles such as Design Competition Chair and Buggy Book Designer.

The BAA history section lists the names of the sweepstakes committee members from past years.