Picture of Buggy
Year Team Place Prelim Prelim Reroll Final Final Reroll DQ / Notes
1983Men's D272:45.30
1983Men's D272:45.30
1982Men's C192:35.11
1981Men's A232:39.40
1980Men's B102:32.00
1979Men's B72:31.00
1978Men's B52:26.002:23.30 Buggies locked wheel-to-wheel and stopped. Heat rerun
1977Men's B62:28.10
1976Men's A22:24.902:24.60
1975Men's B42:29.70
1974Men's B112:37.70
1973Men's A32:26.902:25.80
1972Men's A Fringe pusher stepped on windshield. DNF. Reroll rained out
1971Men's A22:30.002:31.10
1970Men's A22:28.502:29.60
1969Men's ASpin
Year Awards
19785th Place Men'sBuggies locked wheel-to-wheel and stopped. Heat rerun
19776th Place Men's
19762nd Place Men's
19754th Place Men's
19733rd Place Men's
19721st Place Design
19712nd Place Men's
19701st Place Design
19702nd Place Men's