Flying Buttress

Modified in '83 and '84; known as "Buttress" thereafter
Picture of Buggy
Year Team Place Prelim Prelim Reroll Final Final Reroll DQ / Notes
1986Women's A133:30.25
1985Men's B242:34.78
1985Women's B113:21.03
1984Men's B212:34.20
1983Men's A222:36.10
1983Women's A
1982Men's A272:43.33
1982Women's A
1981Men's BSpin
1981Women's A53:38.80
1980Men's A212:49.60
1979Men's A2:42.00DNF Hit a pusher and broke an axle. Reroll for Design Comp
1977Men's AContact Hit KS A
1976Men's A62:30.702:28.60
1975Men's ACrash Hit curb; reroll granted but rained out
1974Men's A72:32.60
1973Men's A72:32.30 Hatch fell off. No DQ
Year Awards
19766th Place Men's
19753rd Place Design
19742nd Place Design
19733rd Place Design