This is a draft of an Alumni Buggy Group proposal, compiled from ideas and comments we’ve received.

The Purpose of creating an Alumni Buggy “brain trust” is to preserve and archive the history of Sweepstakes, while fostering undergraduate participation and increased competition in the sport of Buggy, going forward.

We would view this as an expansion on an Alumni Interest Group, with a broader goal to promote the University and its traditions, offer fundraising support and impact current and future students.

Our first task will be to get Carnegie Mellon to sanction and host an official, non-partisan Alumni Buggy web forum where we can further develop ideas laid out in this proposal.

In the meantime…we’d like any and all feedback from alumni, before we make a formal presentation to CMU to create this group. We’ve broken it down by category for discussion:

I. Alumni Web Forum

II. Other Alumni Communications & Promotion

III. Campus Awareness & Education

IV. Buggy Alumni Projects

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