First Executive Committee Announced

Hi all,

We have six terrific, dedicated volunteers in Pittsburgh who will serve as the initial Executive Committee, and work with Alumni Relations to get our Buggy Alumni group established and recognized by CMU.

The next immediate step will be to identify Committee Heads (who don’t need to be in Pittsburgh) to lead individual projects outlined in the group’s proposal. We will open this up to everyone, and reach out to people who have already volunteered help and/or expressed interest in specific projects — either to head, or work within, these sub-committees.

In the meantime, here is our fearless Executive Committee:

Carsen Kline – Fringe 1997-1999 (Chairman 1998-1999)
Aiton Goldman – CIA 1994-1995 (Helped CIA return, as Chairman 1997-1998 )
Adam McCue
– KDR Chairman 2005; Sweepstakes Safety 2006; Head Judge 2007
Sam Swift – Fringe 2001-2004
Chris Stengel
– Sweepstakes Asst. Chair 1992-1993

Advisor: Tom Wood – PiKA 1969-1971; also Sweepstakes Safety (was the second and third person to hold this position); Head Judge (4 years); Helped revise Sweepstakes rules 1986-87; History of Buggy

9 thoughts on “First Executive Committee Announced”

  • Carl Nott says:

    Congrats guys! I’m happy that we have a lot of folks who resurrected buggy programs on the committee.

  • Respectful request denied by executive order. Disrespectful requests shall be entertained, provided they fall within the high standards of wittiness maintained by this group.

  • I thought this was the “kindler, gentler” website where we could collaborate. I thought the “Pika Buggy” website was the vitriol site. Am I mistaken?

  • I would agree with Bordick, now that I think about it. We should try to limit the internet ass-grabbing and towel-snapping on this site. Avoid the appearance of a boys club and keep ourselves civil and accepting of all organizations.

  • One disrespectful comment: The last time I saw Aiton with any buggy-related responsibility, he let us back the CIA truck into a pole, then laughed evilly. Just sayin’.

  • I meant to add something actual to that comment – glad you guys are doing this, it looks good. I was wondering what I would do to keep up with buggy once the kids I recruited graduated from my org.

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