Freeroll Practice, 10/19/08

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Pioneers did not roll today because didn’t pass capes. Driver/chair Vincent Zeng, former CIA chair and driver, tipped over in Keres during a cape attempt and the pushbar broke. We wish them luck and hope to seem them out soon.

With most teams scratched for Mid-Semester break, today’s freerolls seemed destined for chaos and anarchy. However, with Sweepstakes chair Andrew Hundt’s good foresight and a lot of cooperation from the teams, the day went smoothly. An interim assistant chair was appointed for the weekend to help with Sweepstakes duties. Alumni were solicited for barricade duty, but it wasn’t necessary in the end because non-rolling teams came out to do their chores.

Six teams rolled, seven scratched, and “rollarounds” were allowed. In theory this means that a team completing their freeroll has the option to roll again from the top of Hill 2 if the following team scratches. In reality, it meant that some teams just rolled whenever there was a gap. Here’s the breakdown.

Click on buggy names for info and a picture.

AEPi: The first of two frats in today’s lineup rolled Zephyrus and Camo, and they took full advantage of the rollaround, showing up every other roll it seemed. Zephyrus was looking skittish in the chute on their clear Xootr polyurethane wheels, while Camo was in no hurry at all to make it around the course on its vintage Soap Box Derby wheels. Its pickup was between the gazebo and Scaife, and it was bagged to further reduce speed. A bicycle crossed into the road between their buggies, but it had plenty of time to assess the situation, do a lap of the chute turn, and leisurely ride up Flagstaff Hill.

SigEp: Pandora was the only buggy out for SigEp today. They, too, filled in many gaps in the roll order and were second only to AEPi in the number of circuits made. Decent speed, stable through the chute with an occasional late turn.

SDC: The team mounted a camcorder to the side of Psychosis for freeroll footage. Hopefully some of that will make it to Youtube. Rage and Envy rounded out the lineup.

Fringe: Four buggies came out strong today, with Bristol, Banyan, and Blizzard looking quick. Brazen was again driven by a new driver who is handling the 2001 Men’s winning buggy steadily around the course.

CIA: Another big showing by this resurgent independent team gave the crowd its first taste of dropping pushbar for the year. It worked flawlessly the first time, but it was a little tardy on the second try. Firebird, Mirage, and Conquest rolled.

Spirit: It’s always great to see a minimally staffed team going the distance on a cold day. Things were looking up for Spirit, and Haraka was rolling solidly, until an early entry into the chute led to some miscues and a spin into the haybales. The driver was ok, and she was pushed the rest of the way up the backhills. Confusion in the roll order may have led to the chute flag coming out too high up the hill.

A good Homecoming crowd is expected for next weekend’s practice. The Buggy Alumni Association will have a table at the top of Hill 2 with coffee and donuts. We welcome all returning alumni to join the local crowd on the hills.

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