Raceday 2018
April 20-21

100 Days until Raceday

That’s right, classes haven’t even started but there are only 100 short days to get ready for raceday.  For all the current students out there, that means it’s time to hit the gym and work all night in the garage.  For us alumni, well …  start getting the vocal chords and the liver in shape and make cmubuggy.org your homepage!

To mark the beginning of our march towards raceday, we’ve launched a coordinated attack of promotions.  You’ve probably already received at least one of them, but we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on anything, so here’s the rundown:

  • With the help of the alumni house we sent an actual physical newsletter in the mail.  You can download a PDF of the newsletter here.
  • The alumni house also helped us send an e-mail to buggy-relevant alumni just to reach out and spread awareness about the BAA’s activities and purpose.
  • This afternoon, we sent out an e-mail to the 345 folks who have registered here on cmubuggy.org.  If you are registered on this site and didn’t get the e-mail, leave a comment or send us an e-mail.  You can also take a look at the email here if you want.

One of the exciting new ideas that we’re rolling out today is a limited-time-only special on becoming a dues paying member for 2010.  We do still need contributions from people that want to support the BAA through their $10 annual dues, but we don’t want to exclude anyone from our slew of awesome members-only benefits, and hey, there’s more to life than money right?  Get on over to the membership section of the site for more details.

So for the next month or so, you can become a card carrying member of the BAA simply by sending in 5 pictures from your heyday in the buggy world to us at admin@cmubuggy.org.  We’ll post them in the gallery and everyone will benefit from a richer, more illustrated history of the coolest sport around.

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