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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Thursday Poll: Photo finish?

Now that we’ve announced the plans for an entirely upgraded timing system at raceday 2010, it’s time to take bets on how close the race is going to be this year.  Will our high-tech digital photo finish equipment come in handy to measure the fine line between 1st and 2nd, or will it be so […]

Raceday timing system upgrade

One of the BAA’s biggest goals this year was to use our human and financial resources to improve on the timing system we use in buggy.  After all the work that teams put into buggy, there is nothing more important than accurately and reliably recording their time (ok, safety is always more important … blah […]

Thursday Poll: How crazy is crazy?

With the snow we’ve been getting almost every day here in the ‘burgh it seems like we might be getting further from rolls rather than closer, so maybe I’ll stop talking about it.  Hope everyone is enjoying the polls in the mean time. This week’s topic is a nod to the furious activity presumably going on in […]

Thursday Poll: What to focus on?

When I committed to a weekly poll last week, I thought there would be some other news in the course of a week, but with all this snow, CMU can’t even get classes to happen, let alone freerolls.  So, given that Phil saw his shadow and the course is 2 feet deep in the white […]

Thursday Poll: How cold is too cold?

We’ve had suggestions a couple of times to add a polling feature to the website to see what the buggy fans of the world think about different issues.   Thursdays are pretty slow in the buggy news cycle since any drama from the weekend’s rolls has played out, but the next weekend of rolls is […]

Members-Only Fall Wrapup & Spring Preview is out

We sent out the first of our three annual members-only publications this morning, the Fall Wrapup & Spring Preview.  The issue includes: Our expert summary & analysis of the state of each organization as they ramp up towards raceday Interviews with representatives of each organization Previously unpublished pictures of each organization in action this fall […]

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