Lead TruckIt’s that exciting time of year in the buggy world for teams and alumni alike.

We’ve just been contacted by an extremely generous anonymous donor that is pledging up to $2000 to the BAA as a matching gift to whatever we raise from the lead truck auction.  This is by far the largest gift we’ve received to date, and we can say how honored we are to warrant such a generous contribution.  It just goes to show how much buggy means to all of us buggy alumni, and we’re just glad we can be here to help keep everyone connected.

That said, the most important thing we need to focus on now is that this is a matching donation. We don’t have any of that gift yet.  It’s up to you! Every dollar that you bid in the lead truck auction will be doubled.  To earn the entire $2000 pledge, we need to get $2000 in bids from all the rest of you passionate buggy fans.

Last year’s auction raised just about $1000, so we’ve got some serious work ahead of us.  Spread the word to your buggy friends and help us make this year’s auction twice as big as last year so that buggy can fully benefit.

Full auction details are available here


Some things to keep in mind

  • Lead truck rides are transferable.  If you can’t be in town or don’t like trucks, feel free to bid on an auction and then tell us who gets to take the ride.  You can also just will it to your organization of choice and we’ll let the lucky team pick who gets to ride.
  • Everyon knows that the heat that goes for the highest price is the most popular team in buggy.  Make sure you show everyone how proud your team’s alumni are to support them.
  • The auction starts this Friday morning at 9am and runs over the weekend until Monday night at 10pm EDT.
  • Placing a “max bid” means you can specify the highest amount you’re willing to contribute and not worry about it after that!
  • Contributions are tax deductible over $10.  See the auction page for details.

Where does all this money go?  We spend 100% of the funds we raise pursuing the goals of the BAA as stated here to support the sport of buggy and keep buggy alumni connected to the sport.  Our biggest expenses this year were the new timing system, our contribution to having 2 jumbotrons, and food for the raceday reception that gives alumni a place and a time to gather after the races on Friday.  We hope you approve, and we’re always looking for great new ideas!

Thanks again to the extremely generous buggy lover that has upped the ante on this year’s auction, and thanks in advance to all of you for bidding and helping us reach the full $2000 value of this opportunity.

8 thoughts on “$2000 matching donation for the BAA!”

  • Suzanne Rothfeld Steven says:

    Quick question for you about the auction…my 5 year-old daughter is very interested in buggy (yes, grooming her early!) and wants to ride in the Lead Truck. If I bid/win, will I be able to accompany her on this “ride of a lifetime?” Thanks.

  • Wouldn’t someone under 18 need university approval??

    I have no say in the matter since I’m neither a BAA exec nor a Sweepstakes exec, but I was Sweepstakes chair for 2 years and head judge and I’ve been in the lead truck about a bajillion times.

    I honestly have to say I would not feel comfortable with a 5-year old in the truck. It’s pretty fast moving and there are no seatbelts. People have a lot of trouble not sliding around. Also, I know some of the people who have been in the driver’s seat of the lead truck in the past and they’re already nervous as it is with a bunch of college kids in the back, having a 5-year old back there would make them even more worried.

    If she rides at all, I’d definitely say a parent should be with her.

    I just had to say it…sorry to sound like a party-pooper.

  • PA law states it is illegal for anyone under 18 to ride in a truck bed. It is also illegal for anyone of any age to ride in a truck bed if the truck is going over 35mph. So legal for Spirit’s rolls and illegal for most others. All jokes aside I don’t think you can cover your rear for something that is patently illegal with minors involved in particular. Lead trucks sometimes have to stop very very short.

  • It’s also illegal to have open public containers but everyone does that also.

    so, let the kid ride, I’m sure the dad can hold on to the kid.

  • That’s probably the dumbest reasoning anyone’s used on this site, even counting TommyK’s posts.

  • I was gonna say, if that mom wins put the 5yo in the cab of the follow truck instead. She’ll have to watch the slow buggy, but better than nothing.

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