Elections: Calling all candidates!

Two exec committee positions are up for election, and we’re looking for candidates NOW. This is a call to action for serious volunteers who want to see the BAA through the next couple years of growth. The two positions open this spring are President and Vice President. (Treasurer and Secretary will be filled in the fall so that we have some transitional overlap.)

If you’re interested, please comment on this news post with the position you want and, if you like, a campaign spiel. You can also send email to admin@cmubuggy.org if you’re too modest to speak out here.

Elections will be via an online poll early next week!

Here are some example criteria:

* Someone who has been vocal on the forum with good ideas and creative input.
* Someone who likes what we do and wants to be more involved.
* Someone who has plenty of time in the Spring to work on BAA stuff.
* Nominees do NOT have to be Pittsburgh locals.
* You can nominate someone else if he/she agrees.

Here’s a slice of what we do:

* Act as primary contact with Alumni Relations for deadlines, event coordination, reservations, alumni contacts, membership lists.
* Attend AIG (Alumni Interest Group) meetings at Alumni House or by conference call. (**The next one is Wednesday, May 5 at 7pm. The new President is encouraged to join.)
* Hold occasional meetings with execs to prioritize and act on projects or new initiatives

* Find volunteers, increase involvement of members, delegate chunks of projects and follow up or save the day as needed.
* Work with the Treasurer to keep tabs on income and spending.
* Have a grasp on the big picture and general scheduling of things. Communicate frequently with other execs and volunteers to get publications out on time, reserve space for events, etc.

Vice President
* Assist the president, secretary, and treasurer with any projects they are currently working on.
* Assist in preparing the Fall Review, Raceday Preview, and Raceday Summary.
* Work with the Webmaster/Secretary/Sam to make sure the lead truck auction is ready to go, including coordinating with Sweepstakes and keeping tabs on winners.
* Work with Sweepstakes on safety issues where the BAA’s huge knowledge of history can be of service. Be the primary Sweepstakes contact to exchange ideas on how to improve the sport.
* If possible, attend AIG (Alumni Interest Group) meetings at Alumni House or by conference call. (**The next one is Wednesday, May 5 at 7pm. The new VP is encouraged to join.)

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