The cold finally showed up for Halloween weekend with rolls temperatures around 37, and with daylight savings time still in effect we’re down to about 60 minutes on the course.  Sunday was cancelled in advance to make way for parties, so we’re still batting an impressive 9 for 10 so far this semester against inclement weather.  Only 6 orgs made it out, so an hour was enough to get through the roll order 3 times.  If I’m not mistaken, this was the first day of the year with no incidents at all, that’t not very ghoulish.

In Attendance (buggies listed newest to oldest)

Org Saturday
AEPi Zephyrus
CIA Freyja, Renaissance, Quasar
Fringe Borealis, Bedlam, Banyan, Blizzard
PiKA Nemesis, Knightfall, Zeus, Desperado
SigEp Barracuda, Pandora
SDC Avarice, Malice, Addiction, Rage

Observations (Saturday gallery)

  • There were a number of costumes out on the hills, CIA and PiKA being the ones I was in the right place to catch at least a glimpse of.  Good times.
  • Desperado was back out rolling with the rest of PiKA’s fleet, so I guess it’s not a novelty this year.  The low ride height still blows my mind although I did hear it scraping on things all over the place.  It’s interesting that it came out just a couple of years before some other buggies we still see around (KoS for example) since it looks like it is from a completely different era.
  • KapSig has caped a buggy they are calling Apache and they were scheduled to be the first roll of the day, but didn’t ever make it on course.  I’m not sure what the problem was, but I can tell you I was majorly disappointed.  For you historians out there, KapSig last raced as their own org in 1998, so it will be pretty exciting to have them back in the game.  Let us know if you need any alumni help KapSig.
  • SDC owned the top of the timing sheet this week with a couple of pretty quick rolls by Malice.  It dropped off pretty quickly after that though, with teams focussed on staying warm and probably planning costumes for the evening.  Banyan and Nemesis led the way for their teams in that order.
  • All of this good weather, and the short list of orgs participating has made a great opportunity for testing or gaining experience this fall.  There are 4 drivers with more than 30 rolls already (Becky from Fringe, Catherine from PiKA, Melisa and Siwon from SDC) and a bunch not far behind.   There are also 41 buggy-driver combos that have maxed out the rolls they can carry forward towards qualification in the spring (5 for vets, 8 for new drivers).  Who knows how that compares to any other year, but it seems like a lot considering we often only have 6 or 7 orgs out.