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April 20-21

2012 Sweepstakes Committee

Letting Sam take a well-deserved break from running the site, I thought I’d update everyone with the results from last night’s Sweepstakes Committee election. Winners in bold along with their org and their class as of next year.


  • Anthony Pacella (SigEp, Senior)
  • Jeff Bouton (PiKA, Junior)

Ass Chair

  • Kevin Jang (KapSig, Senior)
  • Jeff Bouton (PiKA, Junior)

Safety Chair

  • Mike Mackin (Fringe/KDR, Senior)
  • Jeff Bouton (PiKA, Junior)
  • David Fortner (SDC, Senior)

Invoking my creepy alumni rights, here’s a picture of the 2012 committee:

Sweepstakes 2012
Left to right: Anthony Pacella making out with a buggy, a bird’s-eye view of Kevin Jang, and the only acceptable Facebook picture of Mike Mackin.


Congratulations to the whole committee and good luck with the coming year. Let us know if you need anything at all (except for fixing the potholes — you’re on your own with those monsters).

6 Responses to 2012 Sweepstakes Committee

  1. Fixed. It’s rough keeping up with these elections third-hand — let me know if I made any other mistakes.

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