Collaborative Rolls Report: 9/24/11

2 weekends of rolls in the books and we’re up to 7 orgs, we’re seeing some speed, and also the usual assortment of challenges to overcome.  This also marks the first edition of our collaborative rolls report format.  I was out of town and a these fine folks stepped up and got the job done for us: Ben Matzke, Zachary Waldman, Hannah Rosenblum, and Andrew Hundt.  I also very much appreciate everyone who contributed pictures (either by uploading them which is still a bit tedious, or by sending me a link to their collection).  Without further ado or any editing on my part …

The weather Saturday was a little worrisome, but no rain materialized.  7am weather was high 50’s and overcast.  Sunday would have been even nicer but rolls were not scheduled because of the Great Race.

In Attendance

Org Saturday
AEPi Kamikaze
CIA Ascension, Firebird, Quasar
Fringe Bonsai, Borealis, Bedlam, Banyan, Blizzard
KapSig Apache
SDC Bane, Malice, Rage
SigEp Mamba, Barracuda
Spirit Zuke, Seraph, Fuko, Haraka

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First rolls of the year! (belated rolls report)

Buggy kicked off the 2012 season just as scheduled with one day of fast-moving rolls for the six orgs that managed to get caped and ready in time.  The weather didn’t complicate things at all, and the new sweepstakes committee had things running smoothly on day 1.  Rolls started on time which is no small achievement this time of year, and they manged to get all the chores done with the skeleton crew of teams.  Spirit has inherited PiKA’s primary chore of putting haybales out in the chute in the wee hours.  That bodes well for Spirit’s manpower and organization, I always wondered who else would be able to get it together for that big chore.

 In Attendance

I’m a few days removed, and sweepstakes doesn’t have their roll counts up yet for the year, so there’s a chance I have a thing or two wrong, but the starting line-ups for 2012 were:

Org Sunday
AEPi Kamikaze
CIA Ascension, Freyja, Renaissance, Firebird
Fringe Bedlam, Banyan, Borealis, Blizzard
SDC Bane, Malice, Psychosis, Rage
SigEp Mamba, Barracuda
Spirit Zuke, Seraph, Fuko, Haraka

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Rolls set to start Sunday, here we go again

It’s that time of year again at the corner of Tech and Frew.  The permits are in and this Sunday the 18th is the first potential day of rolls.  The chairmen have been meeting for weeks, the drivers have had their meetings, and at least a few teams have their capes taken care of.  Currently these are the teams in the mix:

Ready to roll: CIA, Fringe, SDC, SigEp
Capes scheduled:  AEPi, KapSig, Spirit
Status unknown:  DTD/TriDelt, PiKA, Pioneers, SAE, SigNu

Those ranks are looking a little thin if the status-unknown crowd doesn’t show up soon.  Last year started with 8 orgs, so 7 isn’t that big of a drop but it’s the wrong direction for sure.  The schedule of fall freerolls is extensive though, so there’s time for the stragglers to get out.

Here at BAA headquarters, we’re preparing for another year of covering the buggy news you crave and generally putting the rest of the internet to shame.  Our #1 goal while we do that this fall is to get more people involved.  Personally, I’m about to (finally) finish grad school and it’s possible this is my last year in Pittsburgh.  Even this year, I will be missing a lot of weekends while I look for jobs.  The point being, I won’t be able to do rolls reports for much longer.  It is time to groom new buggy correspondents. Continue reading