Last rolls of the semester, temps close to 60, and plans to do another live broadcast from the chute … I was excited for rolls this Sunday.  And then I woke up at 10:30.  Oops.  My sincere apologies to anyone who tried to watch the live stream.  After working out the technical details last week, we uncovered and even larger weakness: the human factor.  For what it’s worth, I paid my penance with a solid hangover.  Luckily Zack Waldman has my back so we’ve got a rolls report.

In attendance

Org Sunday
CIA Ascension, Firebird, Freyja, Renaissance
DeltaForce Moby Dick
Fringe Bonsai, Borealis, Banyan, Bedlam
SDC Bane, Avarice, Malice, Rage
SigEp Mamba, Peregrine
Spirit Zuke, Seraph, Haraka

Observations (Sunday Gallery)

  • Saturday was called just a bit after noon on Friday in anticipation of the coming cold. Discussion seems to have happened elsewhere enough that I don’t need to add much.
  • The rain held off, granting the six orgs in attendance a practically balmy last day of rolls. The skies looked threatening, but it was 60 degrees and confused pushers and mechanics were stripping off their layers all morning.
  • There was a bit of excitement on the course as a pickup truck tried to muscle it’s way on to Hill 2. Rather than the normal confusion and calm conversation, a belligerent old man simply tried to push barricaders aside with his fender while yelling at them. The Sweepstakes chair managed to stop him only by putting his feet in front of his wheels and threatening to call the cops if he kept moving. That’s quality quick thinking AND reckless disregard for self – well done!
  • The guys from Apex (the not-yet-a-team-team formerly known as the Rez) visited rolls again, looking enthusiastic as always and prying advice out of the attending orgs. They are aiming to have their first build done by Spring rolls, and it sounds like they might have a shot of doing it from hearing about their plans.
  • KapSig came out for drops, but didn’t roll today because of some sort of mechanical problem.  That’s great to see they were trying to make it out after missing 3 weeks in a row.  Hopefully they can get Apache holding together a bit more solidly over the winter.
  • Delta Force seems to have finally decided on a new name – Moby Dick. I would personally say that naming a buggy after a deadly creature, the chasing of which can only lead to ruination and death to be an even more negative name than Bane, but a mechanic insists that it is just because she is big and white. I can’t argue with results, as they clinched an incident free first semester today.
  • SigEp didn’t have Pandora out today, but Peregrine was filling the audible gap with a very audible squeaky brake.
  • Spirit claimed the only incident of the day, with Haraka taking a spin into the chute. She came back and safely rolled later in the day. Seraph started the day sporting a cone on her nose, rather than her distinctive cut-off air scoop. However, it was gone before the day was over, either removed or fallen off along the side of the road.
  • Bane returned to the course after her nasty incident with the bales last week. She had gaff tape covering up some remaining damage, but was floated to the line and seemed to be rolling fine until she was retired after three rolls.
  • CIA passed a very impressive milestone, reaching exactly 50 rolls with the combination of Allison Lim in Ascension. SDC’s Rachel Chow was a close second, racking up 48 rolls in Malice for the semester. By my count, the rolls order was completed 51 times this semester, but that might be slightly off because the order was juggled once mid-semester. With PiKA, SAE, SigNu, and the Rez all likely joining the fray for Spring semester, we might not see mileage counts like this again for some time.
So that does it for Fall ’11.  Hopefully we’ll have a few updates for you on this or that over the winter, but mainly we’re looking forward to the big resume in mid-February.  After a semester with six or seven orgs being the norm, I’m very much looking forward to seeing PiKA, SN, SAE, KapSig, and Apex get on the course in the spring.  Good luck to all of them getting past their various challenges and back into buggy.

7 thoughts on “End of the Semester Rolls Report: Nov 21”

  • Wait, has Delta Force officially picked “Moby Dick” as Perun’s nickname for the year? If so I support this decision.

  • Hey all, I’m one of those kids from Apex and we look forward to being out there in the spring! Currently we are about half way to our goal of fundraising for the first part of our project. We need to get our hands on a vacuum pump for cheap if anybody has an extra one laying around please send me an email at Thanks all and we look forward to being there in the spring!

  • Hey everyone! I’m Tri Delt’s buggy chair and Moby Dick is a nickname for out buggy right now. Nothing official has been decided. We’re fond of the name because it has Dick in it, but we’re considering other non whale and phallus related names. Thanks!

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