Rolls Report: March 25

After almost two full weeks of ridiculously beautiful weather while the kids took two weekends off for spring break, Pittsburgh slapped the reality back into us with a cool down and enough rain to cancel Saturday’s rolls.  Sunday was  still overcast but dry, and 8 of our teams made it out the morning after greek sing for four cycles through the order.  I was out of town on Sunday, so big thanks to Zatch and Vincent who supplied the bulk of the narrative and all of the multimedia.  Read on for the details of a Fringe buggy out of retirement, some new PiKA wheels, and a couple of chute mishaps, but no new buggies!

In Attendance

Org Sunday
AEPi Kamikaze
Apex Insite
CIA Ascension, Freyja, Firebird, Quasar
Fringe Bonsai, Banyan
PiKA Raptor, Chimera
SDC Bane, Avarice, Malice, Rage
SigEp Mamba, Barracuda
Spirit Zuke, Seraph
No-Shows Delta Force, SigNu

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Ask your employer: Don’t you want to sponsor Buggy?

This idea has been in the works for a while, but now it’s happening, and just in time.  When we helped introduce Jumbotrons to the course in 2009, it was a fun experiment.  Now it’s practically a necessity.  Can you imagine not being able to see what was going on in the chute while you’re at hill 2?  Actually, most of you probably can because you were around before 2009, but I think we can agree it’s a pretty awesome addition.

The only problem is that Jumbotrons and other pro-spectator efforts like our printed Raceday Guide don’t come cheap.  A pair of jumbotrons for the weekend is in the neighborhood of $10k.  Printing 2,000-3,000 color copies is more than most people can pull off on the sly at work.  We’ve kicked in $1,000 each year from our Lead Truck Auction, and Alumni Relations has contributed, but much of the rest has basically just put Sweeptakes into the red each year.  That’s not sustainable.

Luckily, raceday is an exciting event with lots of eyes from high quality demographics, and we think that there are lots of companies out there who would love to help support buggy and be part of such an important event at CMU.  We will be introducing a number of sponsorship opportunities this year for the first time, and we hope your company wants a piece of the action.  Most notably, both jumbotrons will have sponsorship banners flanking the screen, and our printed raceday guide will carry sponsored logos.

Some of the spaces are already sold, but we’re looking for more support.  Download this PDF and show it to someone in your company who makes these decisions.  It briefly explains what buggy is and has rates for the different placement options.

Buggy Sponsorship Information 2012

You might notice that raceday is not that far away and that we need commitments even sooner (2 weeks from today!).  We realize corporate decisions don’t always happen this fast.  We hoped to have this together quite a while ago, but it’s our first time in this arena.  If your company loves the idea but can’t make it happen, we understand.  If you can make it happen … awesome, let’s do it!





Raceday is sneaking up, how are you getting ready?

After two weeks off for spring break, we find ourselves right in the heat of things with just 4 weeks to go.  Push practice started this week and has enjoyed absurdly comfortable March temperatures.  Rolls are scheduled for all 8 remaining days before raceday, so lets hope the good weather continues unabated.  So that’s how our 10 (hopefully 11, SAE?) orgs are preparing, what are you doing to get in shape?  Nothing yet?  Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for you:

Pre-Order the second-ever BAA T-shirt

We’re making T-shirts for the first time since 2008, and I think you’re going to want one. They will be available at carnival and we got a great deal which we’re passing on to you:

  • $10 for members
  • $15 for non-members
Pre-ordering will ensure that we have your size saved for you when you show up to carnival.  Payment will be collected when the shirt is picked up.  We have both Men’s and Women’s shirt types.  Pre-order now by filling out this super quick form

Rolls Report: March 3 & 4

With precipitation on 7 of the last 10 days and temperatures swinging from the 20s to the 60s faster than you can add or remove layers, it’s hard to know what to expect, but buggy demonstrated some toughness and got in two solid days this weekend.  Saturday was pretty enjoyable with lots of sun and no wind making it more comfortable than the thermometers (or smartphones) were indicating.  Sunday was less pleasant and teams seemed worn out from it.  Snow came and went a few times during Sunday but never stuck to the ground enough to warrant Sweepstakes to cancel although Fringe, SDC, and PiKA (I think) all scratched for the day before 9.

In attendance
(Sweepstakes hasn’t updated their roll-count spreadsheet, which – it is now revealed revealed – I depend on since my memory isn’t up to the task.  So we’ll call this an approximate account of things until they get that updated)

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex  Camo
CIA  #18, Ascension, Freyja, Firebird  #18, Ascension, Firebird, Quasar
DeltaForce  Perun  Perun
Fringe  Bonsai, Borealis, Bedlam, Banyan  Bonsai, Borealis, Bedlam
PiKA  Raptor, Zeus  Raptor, Zeus
SDC  Bane, Avarice, Malice  Bane, Avarice, Malice
SigEp  Mamba, Peregrine, Barracuda  Mamba
SigNu  Krait
Spirit  Zuke, Seraph, Fuko  Zuke, Seraph, Fuko
No-Shows  AEPi, SAE

Observations (Saturday Gallery | Sunday Gallery (Sunday was too cold to take pictures.  I only took about 25 down from my usual ~250)) Continue reading