Thanks to rain and Halloween shenanigans, teams only rolled for one hour this weekend. Saturday was designated the official evening to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, so Sweepstakes polled the chairmen and canceled Sunday rolls due to a projected low turn out (and high hangover rate). Unfortunately around 8:30am, Pittsburgh decided it was truly fall and it started to rain. Rolls were immediately called and the course was cleaned up for the weekend.

In Attendance 

Org Saturday
Apex Firefly, Phoenix
CIA Emperor, Impulse, Equinox, Tempest, Icarus
Fringe Blueshift, Bissa, Bolt
PiKA Cliodhna
SDC  Inferno, Malice, Vice, Avarice
SigEp  Beyonce, Barricuda
Spirit  Inviscid, Zuke, King Pin, Seraph

Observations (Saturday Gallery)

Saturday morning started off cloudy but reasonably warm at 55°F. Sweepstakes intended to get the first buggy rolling 5 minutes early, but the first buggy was on its way at 7:30am. This was actually on time, given the original schedule, so we’ll call that a win.

For the first time (ever?), Robobuggy was part of the regular roll order. Now that the team can reliably make it into the Freeroll and at least halfway through the Chute, Robobuggy is rolling with the humans. They are officially one step closer to sentience.

Because we only made through the roll order 1.5 times before the rain started, there isn’t too much to report. Fringe (particularly Bolt), Spirit, SDC, and CIA (particularly Equinox and Emperor) had some substantial rollouts reaching the fire hydrant in front of Porter Hall. We aren’t sure what kind of Hill 2 send offs the buggies were getting, but given where we are in the season, these rollouts were truly impressive.

SDC and Fringe were feeling the spirit of the holiday and decorated several buggies. Inferno was sporting some terrifying devil horns and Avarice (commonly known as “the orange one”) was cutely made up like a pumpkin. Fringe opted for a creepier motif and put about 2 million googly eyes on one of their buggies. The festiveness aside, both teams were working on speed this weekend. SDC is back to drifting off speed through the Chute to prevent spin outs. And on one roll, Fringe nearly passed SigEp on Hill 5, although that may have been due to SigEp trying to Iron Man the back hills.

SigEp seemed a little out of it this weekend as their follow car tailed their buggies throughout the rolls and occasionally found themselves driving beside the buggy instead of behind it. That’s not exactly the point of a follow car…

That just about wraps it up for this Halloween’s rolls. Hopefully next week we’ll have dry weather and dry students to get a full weekend of rolls!

Below is a running total of buggy/driver roll counts. An asterisk in the following table indicates a new driver:

Team Buggy Driver Rolls To Date
AEPi Kamikaze Rachel* 0
Apex Firefly Sam 9
Phoenix Ari* 3
Vicki* 8
CIA Orca Vicky 2
Tanvi* 6
Emperor Rachel* 16
Icarus Rishi* 7
Impulse Yushuan 2
Rachel* 3
Kevin* 3
Equinox Emily 15
Tempest Kady 21
Fringe Boson Helen 9
Blueshift Amy 12
Nina 5
Bissa Tishya* 9
Nina 6
Bolt Sarah* 9
PhiDelt Argo Sarah 2
PiKA Cliodhna Victoria 16
Banshee Victoria 0
SDC Inferno Annie 16
Kyoko 3
Malice Annie 3
Kyoko 12
Vice Elaine* 11
Avarice Amanda* 12
SigEp Beyonce Nazil 0
Haiwen* 6
Kraken Nazli 2
Haiwen* 2
Barricuda Sophie 5
Beccy* 5
SigNu Krait Claire* 0
Alana* 2
Spirit Seraph Rebecca 0
Sarah* 6
Lillie* 6
Zuke Diamond 13
Kingpin Rebecca* 13
Lillie* 0
Sarah* 1
Inviscid Veichen 12

Rolls Report Contributors:
Ben M.
Natalie M.

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