Rolls Report: Oct. 5 & 6 – Breaking Buggy

I thought this dramatic picture of Jake (Assistant Chairman) was too cool to not include in this rolls report.

Welcome back for another rolls report (now with double the days and double the content)! Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume I didn’t offend you too much with my first report so here goes Round 2.

I meant to have this published sooner… but I accidentally broke the Safety Chairman. It turns out two Safety Chairmen together does NOT equal double the safety (see below).

In Attendance 

Apex Phoenix, Firefly, Azula, SolarisPhoenix, Firefly, Solaris
CIA Equinox, Tempest, Emperor, Aurora, Icarus Equinox, Tempest, Emperor, Aurora, Icarus
Fringe Boson, Blueshift, Bumper, Blind Faith Blueshift, Bumper, Blind Faith
PhiDelt Argo:(
PiKA Raptor, Cleohna Raptor, Cleohna
SDC Avarice, Vice, VanityAvarice, Vice, Bane, Vanity
SigEp Kraken, Hydra
SigNu Bungarus Krait
Spirit Inviscid, Seraph, Zuke, Kingpin II Inviscid, Seraph, Zuke

Observations (Saturday Gallery | Sunday Gallery)

This chilly weekend we had a full weekend of rolls where teams got up to 4 rolls Saturday and 5 rolls on Sunday (unless you’re Fringe and squeezed in a 6th). Sweepstakes kept things running smoothly and quickly, even with the number of incidents. Here’s the breakdown:

Apex’s Phoenix lost a back hatch, but that’s not news. Apex also got an amazing Hill 2 push off from their favorite alum (spoiler: it was me).

CIA trying something a little new with tufts testing on Emperor hoping to get some air flow data on their shell design (emphasis on hoping). We did notice Emperor popped a couple wheelies from catchers yanking on the pushbar so I wonder what that’ll do for their data. In other news, they are going fast and are in no means easing into the semester judging by their A team level push offs and asking Sweepstakes to “race against each other”. Though that’s something we tend to avoid… even on raceday. Unfortunately, Aurora had a spin and lost a wheel in the chute. Hopefully she’ll be back out this weekend! I would love to eventually see that pushbar go all the way down.

Fringe had another rough weekend of rolls. Bumper lost a fairing cover, Boson was mysteriously carried off the course without an explanation, and Blueshift earned this year’s first Accident Report with a brief curb clip at the base of Hill 3. Congrats guys, you beat SDC to it!

PhiDelt made a triumphant return to the course this year on Saturday. PhiDelt brought out two new drivers but unfortunately, didn’t get very far. Their first driver fishtailed to a stop at the Stop Sign where the Safety Chair and I conducted an impromptu driver extraction. The driver reported visibility problems and was brought back to the top of the hill. However, PhiDelt didn’t get the notice that their buggy was still waiting in the grass for them to collect until shortly before their next turn. Their next driver reported a foggy windshield and came to a stop in a similar spot on the second cycle and was also extracted. The third roll came to an even earlier stop right at the Hill 2 push off. What could have been a great redemption story came to an end when PhiDelt’s rubbing brakes kept them from even getting to the top of the hill for the last roll of the day. It was a rough day, but we’re all hoping to see them push through (pun intended) and get in a roll this weekend.

PiKA is mostly safe from my snarky remarks this week and racked up some rolls without any issues. All two of their mechanics at the top of the hill seemed to have everything under control. Keen to give 110%, they gave Cleohna one of the longest Hill 2 pushoffs seen on the course.

He had actually made it a bit further down the freeroll before I thought to take a picture.

SDC brought out a fleet of bagged buggies out on Saturday where each of their new drivers got a chance to get some rolls in without any problems. Sunday was less successful when Bane had a spinout in the chute. But like champs, they quickly got going again after getting the EMS clear and pushed Bane back up the backhills. The following buggies also got the clear, but from some miscommunications rolled into the chute with the SDC follow car and safety car still there. Luckily, the bagged drivers were able to make the turn and stay clear of the vehicles. It would’ve been cruel irony if the safety car was involved in an accident. Avarice later had a spin and lost a wheel at their chute flag in a following roll and was carried off the course. The next roll saw Vanity rolling all alone (perhaps fitting of the buggy’s name) until Vice rejoined for the last roll.

SigEp still has nothing to report, which I guess here is a good thing. They were out Saturday and got three rolls in Hydra and two in Kraken.

SigNu also made a return to the course on Sunday, getting in four incident-free rolls in Bungarus Krait.

Spirit got in a solid number of rolls and has almost found that sweet spot at the top of the hill where their buggies don’t scrape the ground on the way back.

Rumor of the week:

While CIA mechanics insist this is part of air flow analysis, it is rumored that the night before rolls someone accidentally spilled Rogaine on Emperor, leading to this…

Come back this upcoming weekend for Saturday & Sunday rolls, weather permitting, as we count down to Raceday 100!!

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10 thoughts on “Rolls Report: Oct. 5 & 6 – Breaking Buggy”

  • Eventually the obvious foolishness of having motor vehicles on the course will result in a serious accident. Hopefully it won’t be tragic. None of the reasons for mixing cars and buggies hold any water.

    • Jasio Santillan says:

      I understand that the follow car issue has been an ongoing debate (especially since my Sweepstakes year we made them optional). However, I would like to point out that the motor vehicles needed to be in the chute in this case to extract the driver and assess the accident. You can make a point for banning follow cars all together, but I can’t see a way you would ban vehicles entirely. This instance was purely a miscommunication issue (that was immediately addressed). There simply needs to be cars to 1. allow new drivers to observe and learn lines and 2. get to accidents and get drivers out of buggies quickly.

    • you’re right we don’t need cars! safety chair can just swing into action with her spidey onesie and EMS can just bike to the top of the hill!

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