Rolls Report: Nov. 10 – 2 Fast 2 Buggy

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Tired of hearing me blabber on in every rolls report? Want to know just how fast your favorite teams are actually going?

Then do I have a rolls report for you!

This past Sunday was Mini Raceday! Luckily the course was dry and ready to go after Saturday’s practice had been rained out. With a few minor exceptions, this year’s Mini Raceday ran quite smoothly with teams getting up to 5 rolls. The only incidents to note were a delay to the start of roll (a barricader was missing) and one stop during CIA’s roll (Tempest came to a controlled stop after their driver reported visibility issues and Aurora’s driver came to a controlled stop after seeing the stop flag that followed). We did have a few stubborn leaves that got in the way after rolls had begun, so a sweeping break was implemented after the first couple rolls.

In Attendance 

ApexPhoenix, Firefly, Solaris
CIATempest, Emperor, Aurora
FringeBoson, Blueshift, Bumper, Blindfaith
PiKARaptor, Banshee, Qliodhna
SDCVice, Bane, Vanity
SigEpBarracuda, Hydra
SpiritKingpin II, Seraph, Zuke, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery)

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for.


Note: These are very very rough times and we were missing data from Hill 2, so we were unable to collect a cumulative course time.

All times
Best by team

Rumor of the week:

Biologists still have much to learn about the majestic creature that is the buggy. Here we see a buggy in its natural habitat during its molting season. This rare phenomenon has never been caught on film until today. It would appear the buggy (a close relative of the hermit crab) is attempting to explore its environment in search of a new home. What a majestic and truly beautiful sight. Isn’t nature just amazing?

Rolls are called off for this upcoming weekend, but we’ll keep you posted on the following week. Until next time!

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Jasio S.
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