Rolls Report: Feb. 23 Looney Buggies – Back in Action

Welcome back everyone! After Sweepstakes playing with our hearts for the last few weeks, we finally had our first day of uncancelled rolls! Despite the cold, teams were off to a great start making it through the roll order 7 times. It was a nearly incident free day, with most teams getting in a good number of rolls and being able to shed their bags. We also saw the debut of a new team (kind of) and two new buggies!

Leave me alone, Tishya. I know I posted this late. Hmph…

In Attendance 

AtlasBaby Buggy
CIAIcarus, Equinox, Emperor, Kingfisher
FringeBoson, Bumper, Blind Faith, NB
PiKARaptor, Banshee, Cloudhna
SDC Vice, Bane, Vanity
SigEpKraken, Barracuda, Hydra
SigNu*Bungarus Krait
SpiritKingpin II, Seraph, Zuke, Inviscid


Observations (Sunday Gallery)

Atlas. Baby Buggy’s back! Atlas made an unexpected appearance when they showed up with Baby Buggy to collect data. Glad to see Atlas after a long hiatus from the course. The team was almost a little too eager to get going, as they tried to squeeze in another walk-around minutes before rolls started.

Apex found themselves rolls ready but short a few drivers this weekend. Fortunately, it looks like Solaris had plenty of fun sunbathing on Sunday.

CIA came out with some new kicks and a new buggy! CIA’s latest build, Kingfisher, flew around the course while Emperor was spotted with some new clothes (a sleek new fairing).

DG. Delta Gamma? More like Doing Great! Yeah, that was pretty bad. Sorry about that. Point is, they’re doing well and only a day’s worth of rolls away from qualifying!

Fringe showed off it’s newest buggy build this weekend as well. Word on the streets (Tech and Frew to be exact) is that this buggy is equipped with the latest in pushbar technology.

KKS (the shortened name for the Kap Sig and Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity-sorority buggy collaboration) came out with their loaner buggy, Insite. They unfortunately had some vision and helmet issues that kept them from rolling, but we’re all excited to see them take the course next week!

PiKA was out with their usual squad of black buggies. They rolled incident free… unless you count Raptor going into convertible mode mid-roll.

SDC was out and moving FAST. Maybe a little too fast for their catchers… Bane gave Sweepstakes a bit of a fright as it was caught a little uncomfortably past the finish line.

SigEp rolled incident free for three cycles. Just keep swimming, Cuda.

SigNu was spotted at drops prior to rolls, but was mysteriously absent for the rest of the day. Some say they had helmet issues and couldn’t roll, but in any case please refer to the flyer below.

Spirit started off the first rolls of 2020. KP came to a stop by the Westinghouse memorial from some hardware problems, but was quickly cleared and fixed for the following rolls. In better news, according to our man in the chute, a couple of Hill 3 pushers were smoked by Zuke zipping up Hill 3.

I know how much you’ve loved the “Rumor of the Week” segments, so hang in there. I’ve got some new stuff in the works that’ll be just as fun. Stay tuned!

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