Rolls Report: Mar. 20 & 21 – One Year Later

Welcome to our special quarantine edition of Rolls! It’s been a bit over a year since buggies have graced the streets of Pittsburgh, but they’re back. Slow and steady will win this race.

After a series of unprecedented and very unfortunate events, Sweepstakes has found a way to keep the spirit of buggy alive and return to the course. Rolls look very different this year and Sweepstakes is working with the university to ensure the safety of all its participants. A couple of changes include a limit to 4 teams per day of rolls and a limit of 2 buggies per team along with the allowed number of team members. This weekend we saw (not in person of course) a solid start with 7 teams making an appearance. Saturday, teams were able to get up to 5 rolls in and Sunday saw an incredible 8 cycles.

The weekend was not without its hiccups, but hey that’s just buggy for you. Even some pesky hooligans moving bales to Flagstaff Hill and some very unfriendly window washers weren’t able to stop our determined students!

A Socially Distanced Sweepstakes

Hi Tishya

In Attendance 

AtlasBaby Buggy?
CIAEmperor, *Kingfisher
Fringe Blind Faith, Baltic
SDC Vanity
SigEp *Hydra

I tried to be sneaky with these shout outs

*Sorta… like I said, there were some hiccups.

(Space space space space)

Observations (Saturday & Sunday Gallery)

(WordPress sucks)

Atlas made a return to the course as this year’s only robotic buggy team (for now). The youngest org on the course was unfortunately unable to wake Baby Buggy up from its nap and get it around the course.

But there really isn’t all that much I can do with WordPress

Apex decided to stick with the classics and brought out Firefly on Sunday for an impressive 7 rolls.

Always makes me happy to see my baby out on the course :’)


CIA unveiled Kingfisher’s stunning paint job! It was reported that Kingfisher had some technical difficulties leading to a stop and was benched for the rest of the day, but the team managed to get the most rolls (8) of any team in Emperor.

Check out Kingfisher’s gorgeous colors!

Fringe and SDC hit the ground running quite literally with Saturday rollarounds. Fringe brought out Blind Faith and their newest buggy, Baltic.

Looking forward to seeing Baltic post paint job!

SDC rolled back to back with Fringe on Saturday racking up 4 rolls in Vanity.

Definitely my favorite color.

SigEp had a bit of a rough day, but we hope to see them out and around the course this upcoming weekend! After two stops (one from a bad wheel and another from a loose helmet), the team decided to scratch for the day leading to the Fringe/SDC rollarounds.

See you guys next week!

Spirit. Got some alliteration for you here since Spirit snagged six cycles with Seraph. That’s all I got.


Meme of the Week:

Trying something new here since I had to do something with this picture of Carl (this year’s Design Comp. Chair). Carl was making all the girls swoon with the way he was carrying all those barricades on his own.

Good luck next week!

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4 thoughts on “Rolls Report: Mar. 20 & 21 – One Year Later”

  • This feels like Spring Training for an amazing 2021-2022 comeback season. Really great to see buggy back in some form. Pretty slick paint job on KingFisher.

  • SO glad to see buggies return to the roads after hearing all the work sweepstakes was putting in to convince the school rolls would be safe enough to run.

    Love the new meme section! Looking forward to where that might go…

  • Nice to see this happening, since losing 2 years would be a whole lot harder to come back from.
    Props to the teams for managing all the work with reduced numbers and minimal break time.
    Where’s PiKA? And what’s the endgame & schedule? Normal races, time trials, …?

    • Hi! Agreed, it’s definitely great to see buggy returning in some form this year. PiKA has had some delays getting caped and ready for rolls so we unfortunately won’t see them out this week either, but from what I know we should expect to see them out soon!

      It’s still unclear what a “Raceday” will look like, but I’m told it may look like the timed runs on past Mini Racedays (likely where only participants are allowed to attend) and it may not align with the virtual Carnival dates this year. The BAA will keep everyone posted as we get more information. Thanks!

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