Rolls Report – November 21

November 21, 2021

Sweepers clean up the mass of leaves left by the Ginkgo trees.

CIA: Aurora, Equinox

PiKA: Raptor, Banshee

Spirit: Kingpin, Zuke, Inviscid

SAE: Eileen

Fringe: Bumper, Blind Faith

DG: Brazen

Very uneventful day! The only delay was chores getting started (it was tree shedding day and there were tons of leaves all over the course) 

CIA: taking it light with two buggies out—six rolls for Equinox and five for Aurora

PiKA: , six rolls for Raptor, five for Banshee (Banshee didn’t get one for a last-minute goggles fogging issue. They also got called out by EMS for follow car-ring too speedy

Spirit: Spirit had one small stop today – zuke in front was going really slowly, so the flaggers threw stop flags for the back two to avoid any sort of a sketchy pass. Zuke had some time to get ahead, and mechanics from the follow car pushed the other two buggies through. They ended up with five rolls for kingpin and inviscid (lost one each from the stop) but only one the whole day for Zuke

SAE: It was SAE’s first day out! They ended up getting four safe and solid rolls ?

Fringe: Fringe never got more than one buggy out at a time. They ended up getting three rolls each for Bumper and Blind Faith 

DG: DG’s second day out! They seem to be doing really well, and got four rolls for Brazen.