BAA Board Elections – Polls close May 29!

It’s time to vote in the new BAA board!
This year we have 3 no-contest races, and 3 contested. All terms are for two years with potential for one re-election to the same position for a second term.

Each position requires at least 20 votes or votes of confidence. Additionally, each position will have a write in option. For the Secretary position, we will use ranked choice voting per the new Constitution standards.

-Treasurer – Wade Gordon (1st term)
-Vice President – Diya Nuxoll (1st term)
-Broadcast – Matt Galabrese (1st term)

-Communications: Katelyn Smith (2nd Term), Bethany Bauer (1st Term)
-Quartermaster: Jeremy Tuttle (2nd Term), Katy Zapanta (1st Term)
-Secretary: Katy Zapanta (1st Term), Dave Singh (1st term), Sydney Baker (1st Term)

Cast your ballots here:
Polls close at the end of the day on May 29, so make sure to get your ballot in!

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