The Buggy Alumni Association is the product of efforts by a large number of buggy alumni who contributed small and large amounts of their time, expertise, and resources to do the things we thought would be cool for buggy.

If you have time, expertise, or resources you can help further the effort. Don’t assume we know what we’re doing and have it covered. If you see something that could be done, let us know and let’s make it happen. Post your idea in our discord or emailĀ

Most direct and easy ways to help:

  • Discord – The first step to getting involved is to get in touch — join us on our discord and give us a shout that you’d like to help out and we’ll put you in touch with the right folks!
  • News – We try to be the best source for all buggy news. This means writing a “Rolls Report” each weekend of rolls as well as covering anything else that happens. Want to write about buggy? We’d be happy to have you on the News team!
  • Pictures – Current pictures of freerolls and raceday keep the site current, and old pictures give the site historical depth. We want both. Scanning and uploading are time consuming but very much appreciated. Get in touch on discord to get an upload link.
  • Reference – The reference documents could cover 10 times as many topics as it does currently. Find a gap in the knowledge and fill it. New teams and new fans will thank you! Get in touch on discord to contribute.
  • Web Development – Document bugs, contribute code, invent entirely new functions. You can do all the above through our github repository. It’s also very helpful if you report any problems you find with the site through the github issues section.

Pretty much everything the BAA does fits into a system of committees of our membership that are chaired by members of the board. If one of these areas is interesting to you, reach out on discord!

  • Broadcast – Everything related to our support of the annual raceday broadcast, but especially recruiting and supporting our commentators.
  • Buggy Endowed Fund – This small group takes care of the operation of the Buggy Endowed Fund and the twice-a-year project selection process.
  • Event Planning – Plans events for BAA members both at Spring Carnival and Raceday and throughout the year.
  • Marketing, Graphics, and Rolls Reports – These three committees work closely together to handle all areas of our outreach — keeping our membership informed, arranging merch, coordinating our social media presence, and writing updates about the goings-on at freerolls in the fall and spring.
  • History – A dedicated group devoted to our archive of buggy history, they work diligently to uncover the mysteries of buggy past through careful forensic research, as well as documenting the present for the future. Past projects include both our history database and 100 Years of Buggy series.
  • Teams – This group works to both support existing teams, as well as identify and welcome potential new buggy teams to the sport.
  • Website – A group of developers who not only build our website but support most of the integrated information services needs of the entire BAA.