The purpose of the Fund is to support buggy teams by providing funding for expenses that exceed the general operating support provided by the Joint Funding Committee or its successor (or any other source of general operating support).

A non-exaustive sampling of projects we have funded in the past include:

  • Purchasing tools to analyze buggy safety systems under static and dynamic loads. (image gallery)
  • Replacing aging equipment used by Sweepstakes to communicate with teams during freerolls.
  • Installation of a Real Time Kinematic GPS base station on top of Hammerschlag Hall.
  • Purchase of 2 RTK-GPS recievers that can measure and record the position of a rolling buggy with single-digit centimeter level accuracy.
  • Purchase of sanding equipment for the Stever basement Paint Room.
  • Purchase of tools to improve the capabilites of the shared mill.
  • Purchase materials for the construction of a reusable mold for SigEp to construct new buggies.

Please take a look here to see the bylaws that outline the procedure for this fund. If you or your team would like to apply for funding, please reach out to the BAA president, Connor Hayes at