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April 20-21
2000 buggy book

Raceday 2000

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PlaceTeamPrelims TimeFinals TimeNotes
1PiKA A2:06.712:07.41
2Fringe A2:11.082:11.65
3SDC A2:13.102:12.94
4SigNu A2:13.052:13.09
5KDR A2:16.352:13.31
6Pioneers A2:15.952:15.62
7PiKA C2:19.272:18.79
8Beta A2:19.312:19.62
9SAE A2:18.362:20.78
10PiKA B2:14.542:33.99
11SDC B2:20.07
12Spirit B2:21.74
13Fringe B2:22.58
14Pioneers B2:23.63
15KDR B2:23.70
16CIA A2:25.70
17DTD A2:27.35
18CIA B2:30.40
19SAE B2:30.45
20Fringe C2:31.84
21KDR C2:34.60
22SDC C2:35.14
23Beta B2:36.38
24SigEp A2:36.88
25Spirit C2:43.03
26Fringe D2:43.63
27Beta C2:45.26
28CIA C2:47.55
29SAE C4:17.95
PhiKap A2:17.75DQ: drops
SigNu B2:37.96DQ: drops
Spirit ADQ: DNF
PlaceTeamPrelims TimeFinals TimeNotes
1SDC A2:37.942:35.79
2Fringe A2:39.002:36.94
3PiKA A2:40.542:38.29
4Spirit A2:40.612:38.91
5CIA A2:45.782:43.77
6KDR A2:57.382:53.83
7Pioneers A3:00.01
8Spirit B3:01.17
9SigNu A3:03.83
10SDC B3:05.58
11Beta A3:06.13
12CIA B3:17.16
13SigEp A3:29.34
14Fringe C3:32.58
Fringe B2:53.18DQ: pushbar
PiKA B2:54.86DQ: 5 Seconds
SDC C3:14.17DQ: pushbar

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