Raceday 2018
April 20-21
2013 buggy book

Raceday 2013

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PlaceTeamPrelims TimeFinals TimeNotes
1SDC A2:04.98
2SigEp A2:09.64
3PiKA A2:10.29
4CIA A2:18.02
5Spirit B2:27.02
6Fringe B2:21.31
7SDC C2:21.92
8Fringe C2:25.58
9PiKA B2:27.18
10SAE A2:27.29
11CIA B2:28.39
12Spirit C2:29.02
13SDC D2:30.24
14AEPi A2:31.30
15Spirit D2:34.41
16Fringe D2:38.50
17SAE B3:01.46
18SigEp B2:48.10
19CIA C2:52.65
20CIA D3:06.10
SDC B2:14.30DQ: Transition
SigNu ADQ: Spin
SigEp DDQ: Fire safety violation
SigEp CDQ: Fire safety violation
Spirit A2:18.73DQ: 5 second
Apex A2:35.10DQ: Pusher Interference
Fringe A2:11.26DQ: pushbar
PlaceTeamPrelims TimeFinals TimeNotes
1SDC A2:32.062:32.60
2Fringe B2:57.222:39.00
3PiKA A2:46.542:43.20
4SDC B2:44.972:43.78
5CIA A2:42.252:44.57
6SDC C2:53.512:50.84
7Spirit A2:55.352:58.45DQ: 5 second
8AEPi A3:04.913:12.05DQ: dq
9Spirit B3:07.94
10Fringe C3:11.43
11CIA C3:19.85
12Apex A3:10.29
13SAE A3:16.84
14SigEp B3:31.90
15CIA D3:54.48
Fringe A2:39.58DQ: dq
SigEp A2:50.46DQ: Drop Test

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