Homecoming Conf. Call Minutes, 7/18/08

Homecoming Goals:
– Launch Buggy Alumni Association and get as many alumni as possible to sign up
– Educate Freshmen and student body about Buggy, visibility boost (including awareness about HoB)
– Prime seniors and underclassmen to join BA
– Gather missing information for archives
– Networking with other University Community and organizations

– Volunteers to take shifts at Freerolls, Welcome Table & Display, and Launch Reception
– Some seed $ for merch and marketing expenses
– Email distribution of Homecoming schedule and BA launch plans (rely on active people on pikabuggy.com)


– Listed in Homecoming Registration hard mailing that went out
– Listings on Homecoming website with event descriptions
– Send info to your local, regional alumni clans and organizational alumni lists (will provide info)
– Targeted email or mailing (TBD) to 1,400 people registered as Buggy Alums with Alumni House
– Email to anyone we can get to sign up to officiall BAA site between live date and Homecoming

– Post to Sweepstakes chairmen’s d-list and Sweepstakes website (note: PiKA chairman is active head until Sweepstakes chair is elected)
– Homecoming event posters around campus (2 weeks, 1 week, and 1 day prior)
– Flyers @ UC desk, dorms, other locations
– Personal invitations to key community contacts (Student Affairs, CMUtv, WRCT, Tartan, CMU Today, Library, etc.)



Andy – Help soliciting a Buggy Alumni logo (need logo by end of August to inform website and merchandise)

Chris/Carsen – Donation/Dues specifics ASAP (to inform merch budget and website donations form). Include corporate matching and Student Life matching programs for tax-deductible donations

Tom – Discuss room selection for HoB with Anne W (McKenna/Peter/Wright room)

Dani – Coordinate with Sarah on room set up for HoB and other events (A/V person, etc.) Would like HoB to be in McKenna/Peter/Wright room on 2nd Floor of UC

Chris – Merch selection and production

Abby/Dani/BAA – Decide on 3-4 goals for year 1 to include in Mission Statement (e.g., chip timer, outside enjoyment like jumbotron or kids’ tent, archive building, party at Carnival ’09)

Abby – Coordinate video footage from CMUtv in August when students return

Sam/Adam – Website build finish, testing and launch prior to Homecoming

Andy – Video psyche reel to play at Buggy Display

Abby – Speak to Jennie Benford @ Library re building Archives and help for Display

Dani/Abby – Research photo array to be included in Display (e.g., use Statile’s sub-2:10 list as a basis, but hi-res)

Sam/Adam/Dani – Organizational data registry books

Dani – Gather info for event blurbs to be put on Homecoming website (include our URL in all listings)

Dani – Create informational one-sheet explaining BAA and goals; Posters; Flyers; Stickers; Mailings

Dani – Set up Campus group meetings to discuss Carnival (e.g., CMUtv, WRCT, Tartan, CMU Today, Library, Alumni Relations, New Dean of Student Affairs)

Dani – Create Buggy Alumni style guide (for name, logo, usages, etc.)

All – Make a list of alumni you can distribute the Homecoming schedule to

BAA – Continue to track requirements to repave Hill 1. Possibly hold meetings during Homecoming


Sam – Think Pads for Buggy Welcome Table and Display

Tom/Andy/Abby/? – Buggies to be displayed (4 total, to represent ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and ’00s)

Dani/Chris – Coordinate refreshments and set-up for Freerolls

Dani/Chris/Carsen/Aiton – Point people for events

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