Homecoming Launch Event – Conference Call 7/18 @ 6pm ET

Hi all, here is the info for the call. I’m posting the dial-in info here, in case there are any lurkers who would like to join us.

Date: Friday, July 18
Time: 6pm ET

Conference Dial In Instructions
1. Dial:  (888 ) 311-9051 or (877) 246-9080
2. Enter Participant Conference Entry Code: 41268 (followed by the # key)



Time: 7:00-9:00am
Event: BUGGY FREEROLLS (weather permitting)

[@ Tech & Frew Streets]

  • Donuts & Coffee
  • Sign-up (wireless laptop or paper)
  • Merch for sale (tbd)
  • Donations accepted
  • Stickers
  1. We may need to cover expenses (minimal) for this, but will try to roll into our kick-off reception allowance from Alumni House
  2. We need to figure out how to let people know this is happening and get them out this early (postering, email invitation, grass roots)

Time: 12:30-1:15

[@ Porter; Doherty (TBD)]
(There is not going to be a panel following Tom’s presentation)

  1. What does Tom need from us as far as set-up and promotion?
  2. Which buggies will go from Display room to HoB?

Time: 1:15-2:15

[@ TBD – Hopefully hold in same room as HoB, or direct people to BAA room on UC 2nd floor]

  • Snacks and beverages
  • Networking / contacts and BAA registration
  1. Would be good to have this in the same room as the Display so we can encourage people to interact and help us collect names (Need to determine Reception space with Sarah closer to event.)
  2. This is funded by the Alumni House as our organizational launch event

Time: 11:30-3:00 (before/after HoB)

[@ UC 2nd floor / room TBD]
* best place for foot traffic, but we can determine once the space for HoB is more solid.

  • BAA Sign-up (laptop or paper)
  • Working (if preliminary) version of Adam/Sam’s database so people can do searches
  • Buggies on display (TBD: T2, Mad Dog, QL etc.?)
  • Organizational registry books with data fill-in-the-blanks
  • Show vintage t-shirts from Graduation years
  • Buggy books from Graduation years
  • Photo exhibit TBD
  • Monitor showing buggy footage (psyche reel if available / 2008 races)
  • Merch for sale
  • Donations accepted
  • Stickers
  1. Need to have a concise, realistic list of 4 or 5 goals (year 1) so people understand where any donations go. This needs to be culled down from our current wishlist.
  2. Need one-sheet with basic BAA mission statement, URL, etc.
  3. Need working database and website (Web priorities: a) Archive of “fun stuff” like data and photos; b) Registration and message board; c) Donations details and link). Should examine timeline for completing and testing this as soon as possible and divide up workload.
  4. Idea: How can we use this to get Buggy History questions answered for Tom? Maybe create a book for each organization with spreadsheets (buggies, years, drivers, push captains, etc.) This will allow people to flip through and fill in missing info they may have, and Tom will have something to take away, and feed into the database. Can also let people enter info online, of course.
  5. What merch will be available, and what is realistic with minimal seed money?
  6. Should have information cards for each buggy being displayed. Who can come up with a template for these and what info should be included?

TBD: “Buggy and Engineering Innovation” (Matt Wagner)
[Would ideally be before Tom’s HoB presentation]


Minimum requirements in time for Homecoming:

  1. Working and tested version of BAA website (with URL to go on mailings, posters, stickers, etc.)
    – Archive of “fun stuff” (e.g., photos, youtube videos, classic stories, etc.)
    – Registration and message board tested and working
    – Initial searchable database (whatever info we can get entered, not going to be complete)
    – Donations accepted — with specific details about how donations work (tax- and non-deductible)
    – Other website components would be secondary to this deadline
  2. Decide if we’re going to implement membership dues to cover non-project costs (marketing, events, etc.)
  3. What do people get (if anything) for joining? Monthly newsletter with buggy updates from freerolls, merch, etc.? If there are membership dues, people should get a small premium.
  4. BAA logo for use on web, print materials, merch
  5. BAA mission statement and list of initial projects on one-sheet
  6. Free stickers with URL ($200-400 depending on qty)
  7. Posters listing all Buggy events to hang on campus ($100)
  8. Merch products and seed money needed?
  9. Others?

Campus Community members to invite and network with:

  • Library
  • Alumni Relations
  • New Dean of Student Affairs
  • Tartan
  • CMU Today
  • CMUtv
  • WRCT

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