Fall rolls end with anticlimax

Fall rolls 2008 came to a cold and boring end with a pair of cancellations and no mini-raceday for the men’s teams. I know I usually call the current kids wimps for canceling because of cold, but it was 16 degrees, windy, and icy this morning. Fair enough.

Some end of the semester stats :

  • There were 355 total rolls over 6 days (4 days canceled)
  • Sweepstakes averaged 30.6 buggies around the course per scheduled hour of rolls
  • 12 orgs rolled a total of 32 different buggies
  • Fringe (74) and SDC (63) send the most buggies down the hill, while KDR (10) and SAE (8) took the fall a bit easier.
  • The most active buggy-driver combo was Fringe’s Jess in Blizzard with 18 rolls
  • According to one timing source¬† (additional sources of data welcome), orgs stacked up like this according to their fastest freeroll of the semester
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Freeroll Practice 11/15-16/2008

Nov 15: Rolls cancelled due to rain.

Nov 16: It was cold, but not enough to keep everyone inside. Seven orgs rolled, Spirit had a crash, and Fringe won Women’s Mini-Raceday.

Rolling Orgs (buggies): SDC (4: Psychosis, Addiction, Envy, Rage), Pioneers (1: Chaos), Fringe (4: Bristol, Banyan, Blizzard, Brazen), PhiKap (2: Svengali and Shadenfraude?), CIA (2: Mirage and Firebird), Spirit (2: Haraka and Kingpin?), PiKA (2: Knightfall and ?)
Not Rolling: SAE tried to come out, but were missing their driver.
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Great Video from SDC

Alex Keene was kind enough to share some of the footage SDC has been collecting from their on-board camera in the last couple of weeks.¬† I’ve never seen video from this perspective, and I think it’s a really cool little thing to do during fall rolls.

(the action doesn’t start until 1:30 in the video)

Fall Rolls 2008 from seymour glass on Vimeo.

So once all us buggy folks appreciate the footage for it’s novelty, we’re left to ask, what is SDC collecting this footage for?

  • pusher technique training?
  • psych video material?
  • pushbar rigidity measurements?
  • pittsburgh filmmakers class project?
  • flip video marketing?

No matter what the intention, thanks for sharing SDC.

Freeroll Practice, 11/02/08

Nov 2: The organizations got through the roll order exactly 4 times with no major issues on the longest day of freerolls in the Fall.

Rolling Orgs: Spirit (1 buggy), KDR (1 buggy), SAE (1 buggy), AEPi (2 buggies), Sig Nu (2 buggies), PiKA (3 buggies), SDC (4 buggies), Pioneers (1 buggy), Fringe (4 buggies), PhiKap (2 buggies), SigEp (2 buggies: Pandora and the new buggy built this past Spring), and CIA (2 buggies: Firebird and Conquest)
Not rolling: Beta

SDC had the Flip video splint on their buggies again. This time it went around the course twice on Addiction‘s inner side facing forward. (Now there’s a video I’d like to see on youtube.) For the second two rolls, the camera was mounted on Psychosis and faced back and upward at the pushers.

Pioneers is finally out at rolls and rolling Chaos.

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