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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Freeroll Practice 11/15-16/2008

Nov 15: Rolls cancelled due to rain. Nov 16: It was cold, but not enough to keep everyone inside. Seven orgs rolled, Spirit had a crash, and Fringe won Women’s Mini-Raceday. Rolling Orgs (buggies): SDC (4: Psychosis, Addiction, Envy, Rage), Pioneers (1: Chaos), Fringe (4: Bristol, Banyan, Blizzard, Brazen), PhiKap (2: Svengali and Shadenfraude?), CIA […]

Freeroll Practice 11/8-9/08

Nov 8: Rolls canceled due to rain overnight. Nov 9: AEPi spun and PiKA hit the inner haybales Rolling Orgs: Spirit (1), AEPi (2: Zephyrus and Camo), SigNu (3), PiKA (3), SDC (4: Rage, Addiction, Psychosis, Envy), Pioneers (1: Chaos?), Fringe (4), SigEp (2), CIA (1: Conquest) Former Safety Chair John Novak was visiting.

Great Video from SDC

Alex Keene was kind enough to share some of the footage SDC has been collecting from their on-board camera in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve never seen video from this perspective, and I think it’s a really cool little thing to do during fall rolls. (the action doesn’t start until 1:30 in the video) […]

Freeroll Practice, 11/02/08

Nov 2: The organizations got through the roll order exactly 4 times with no major issues on the longest day of freerolls in the Fall. Rolling Orgs: Spirit (1 buggy), KDR (1 buggy), SAE (1 buggy), AEPi (2 buggies), Sig Nu (2 buggies), PiKA (3 buggies), SDC (4 buggies), Pioneers (1 buggy), Fringe (4 buggies), […]

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