After collecting nominations and doing a little discussion of the nominees in the forum, it’s time to vote.  Just to review, the two positions up for election this year are Chairman and Assistant Chairman.  The other two positions, Head Mechanic (currently: me) and Treasurer (currently: Chris Stengel) will be elected next year.  The idea is to maintain some continuity by staggering things.

We’ve only got one accepted nomination for Assistant Chair, so Shafeeq will be stepping right into that role.  Janice and Carl have both bravely stepped up to lead us around the course next year, and they’d both do a great job I’m sure.  It’s up to you to pick who gets the job!


  • Janice Golenbock: Fringe driver/head driver ’98-’02, Sweepstakes Chair ’03 & ’04, Design Chair ’03 & ’04, Head Judge ’05   (forum posts)
  • Carl Nott: SDC pusher ’95, Spirit mechanic ’96-’98, Spirit MFIC ’98, Head Judge ’01    (forum posts)

Assistant Chairman

  • Shafeeq Sinnamohideen: CIA mechanic/head mechanic ’98-’00, Race Starter ’10

Click through to vote or see results:

Who is your preferred candidate for BAA Chairman?

  • Janice Golenbock (56%, 54 Votes)
  • Carl Nott (44%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 97

Anyone can vote, but only once.  No ballot stuffing.  If you’re reading this post you’re a buggy alumni association constituent.  Poll will close on Wednesday at 9am.

7 thoughts on “Vote now for BAA Chairman”

  • I have faith that you’ll pull this one out Janice. It’s closer than I’d anticipated tho; you may want to start using a lot more profanity in your forum posts.

  • Please don’t let this one be decided by chads. Someone, quick, take a pro stance on Kevlar so the people have a clear choice.

  • I just sent an email out to Spirit alumni asking them to vote (which explains Janice’s widening lead).

  • Hey Sam: You may want to check out the polling system. I don’t think one person should be allowed to vote 43 times.

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