Welcome Freshmen and Welcome Back!

It’s been a long summer and we’ve had our fun, but it’s time to return to Pittsburgh and prepare for the craziest sport that we’re all crazy about!

We here at BAA headquarters have been fixing and tweaking the site to get everything ready for the new season and we can only expect that some teams have their new build plans well underway as well. Last year was a blast and we’re only looking to improve for this year. So lets get this show a-rollin’!

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Summer 2013 #4 – Mighty C-Mites

Might Buggy help C-Mite?

With our forums acting a bit screwy (we’re working on it!), some people haven’t been able to make the posts they want. Not to be deterred, Conrad Zapanta (CIA alum, and currently¬†Associate Department Head of Biomedical Engineering at CMU) reached out to us here at BAA HQ with a request:

“As someone who works with CMU’s C-MITE program, they are really, really interested in developing a program based on buggy that would teach the kids how physics, math, engineering, etc. are applied to buggy.” Continue reading