Rolls are done and #GivingCMUDay

The Final weekend got rained/snowed out so there will be no more rolls until spring. Check out the last rolls report for current standings and speed data that we were able to collect. We hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with friends and family! With the various holidays coming up, we would like to […]

50th Anniversary at CMU Homecoming & By-Laws Amendments

Homecoming Buggy Events As Natalie mentioned in the last Rolls Report, Spirit Buggy Founder Matt Wagner will be returning to give his “Everything I learned, I learned from Buggy” Talk and we will also be bringing out the doughnuts and coffee for Saturday morning if it’s not too cold. So come by and say Hi! […]

BAA Summer Meeting Notes

Hello all you Buggy Fans! It’s about time we shared with yinz what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning for next year. Since our last post like this was quite a while ago, this’ll be a bit of a recap of last year and then also our plans going into the 2017-2018 season. […]

2017 Election Results and Treasurer Run-off

The votes are in! Thanks to those of you who took the few minutes to participate. Here are the results: Communications – Aileen Dinin Head Reporter – Natalie McGuier Webmaster – Krishan Taylor Team Outreach – Edward Cao President – Ben Matzke During the election process, we had a few write-ins for Treasurer. None got […]

Last Chance to Vote!

BAA elections are ending this evening! Make sure your voice gets heard and VOTE! We’ve had a great showing so far and a few new nominations for Treasurer. Once these polls close, we’ll be reaching out to the new potential candidates and hold another round of voting in a couple weeks. Today’s Wigle Barrel Roll […]

Elections all around & Wigle Barrel Roll THIS FRIDAY

Election season is upon us and Sweepstakes is no exception. This Monday they held elections for the new team of Chairman, Assistant Chairman, and Safety Chairman. It was a relatively quick affair with some good discussion, and here are the results: Assistant Chairwoman: Elyce Miligan – CIA/Atlas – Co-Founder of the Atlas project that’s been […]

2017 Elections Ballot Box

After 2 weeks of Nominations, it’s high time we elect some new officers to the BAA! Skip ahead andĀ VOTE NOW! We have short statements for all contested positions, and if you forgot, here’s a quick reminder of what’s happening. This year we have a few contested, a few no-contest races, and an open position. All […]

Last Call for Nominations

Nominations for the BAA end TODAY! Here’s a quick update of the slate that members will be voting on next week: Reporting Lead: Natalie McGuier (2nd Term) Communications: Aileen Dinin (2nd Term) Webmaster: Madison Scott President: Ben Matzke Team Outreach: Ethan Gladding Team Outreach: Edward Cao We are still lacking a nomination for a Treasurer/Membership […]