First and foremost –

Congratulations to all Teams!

The competitive spirit and amount of effort pushed forward this year was visible in the results and every team should be proud of what they accomplished this year. Below we list out all of the additional awards that were announced and handed out during the Saturday ceremonies as well as a certain article that missed their deadline so hard we’ll only have time to release it later this week.

Quick Plug

Before we get to the goods: Nominations for next year’s BAA Officer’s closes TONIGHT at 11pm EDT*. We will be reaching out to all those who were nominated tomorrow with elections voting opening this Friday. If you, or someone you know is interested in being a part of the BAA in one of the roles that will be opening up, OR if you believe there is a role that should exist but doesn’t currently, let us know via the form below by hitting that “Nominate Now” Button!

*Self-nominations can be set to until the start of elections and write-ins will always an option.

Awards Summary

Award Recipient
Design Competition 1st place Blind Faith – Fringe
Design Competition 2nd place Blueshift – Fringe
Design Competition 3rd place Equinox – CIA
People’s Choice Blind Faith – Fringe
Spirit of Buggy Sig Nu (SigNu did not attend, award accepted by Proxy of Andy Bordick)
Chairmen’s Choice Fringe
T-Shirt Atlas
Chair of the Year Sophie Halpern & Carl Young – SigEp
Queen of the Hill Mary Garrett – SDC A
King of the Hill Jacob Hoffman – CIA A

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