Now that we’ve all had a chance to recover a bit from this year’s intense races, we’re going to take a moment to look back and thank those who were generous enough to donate some of their time and energy to help organize & plan, lend their voices for events, and sit behind the scenes during the races to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Thanks to their efforts, everyone was able to enjoy the races without spending the entire time in the shadows.


One quick note, if you were nominated to an officer position, please remember to respond before Sunday April 21st.



Raceday 2019 Alumni Volunteers

WRCT Pre-Race Broadcast

Arriving early, and spending their evening in the UC basement, these folks helped scope out this year’s races:

  • Will Weiner – Moderator
  • Adam McCue
  • Willy Clark
  • Jasio Santillian

Buggy Showcase Alumni Panel

The showcase panel is starting to be a regular favorite for those that arrive early enough on Thursday, and thanks to these people for sharing their views:

  • Jeremy Tuttle – Moderator
  • Tom Felmley
  • Duane Delaney
  • Adam McCue (again)
  • Hunter Rideout
  • Annie Black
  • Linna Griffin

Race Volunteers

These people were generous enough to split their focus between the races and some additional responsibilities to improve the experience for everyone, either for a full or half set of the day:

  • Finish Line Assistants – Assisting the Timing Tech and transcribing times and speeds to the BAA leaderboard
    • Linna Griffin (again)
    • David Powers
    • Jeremy Tuttle (again)
    • Sarah Dieckmann
  • BAA Info Tent Attendant – Providing information and selling Buggy Merch from our Hill 2 tent
    • Luis Hernandez Cazares
    • Natalie McGuier
    • Sarah Dieckmann (again)
    • Rachael Schmitt
    • Ethan Gladding
  • BAA Social – Engaging alumni near and far via our twitter @cmubuggy
    • Emily Forney
    • BAA officers
  • Broadcast Crew – Providing excellent coverage of the Women’s, Men’s, and Exhibition Races
    • Will Weiner – All (again)
    • Bryan Arsham – Women’s
    • Erin Gantz – Women’s
    • Jordan Kunz – Women’s
    • Andy Bordick – Men’s
    • Linna Griffin – Men’s (again x2)
    • Mark Estes – Men’s
    • Matt Gallabrese – CMUtv production

BAA Officers

In addition to their regular duties, many officers helped coordinate, plan, or otherwise assist with several components to make these races successful:

  • Aileen Dinin – Coordinated another fantastic Raceday Preview and helped edit all-alumni emails from Germany.
  • Natalie McGuier – Continued coordinating and compiling every rolls report for this season, taking photos, attending rolls, as well as reaching out to and coordinating all finish line and tent volunteers.
  • Ethan Gladding – Created a killer Raceday Preview template, gathering and compiling team stats and also created the incredible backdrop we used for the broadcast and awards photos.
  • Will Weiner – Helped direct and instruct all of our broadcast crew for a stellar production that we are all incredibly proud of.
  • Rachael Schmitt – Wrote most of the text for the BAA & buggy-centric Alumni emails, updating our opening ceremonies script, and created the daily posts that went up during each day of Carnival.
  • Krishan Taylor – Aside from the incredible updates and modernization he has made to this site, he updated our social media images to fit with modern styling, and set up all of our backend resources that were used during the races to provide instant updates.
  • Bryan Arsham – Planned and organized every bit of this year’s Lead Truck Auction including the online and live portions, down to picking out our catering for the event. Also, providing updates and now gifs in our chat.
  • Jeremy Tuttle – Working as our Alumni team contact person, he also provided valuable insight during the weeks leading up to the races, making edits to emails and other copy, providing this year’s preview predictions, reprising his roles as Alumni Panel moderator, and filling in any positions that were left open.

There are so many more people that go into making these races happen every year inclduing the Alumni Association team providing coffee, doughnuts, and inviting the Pirates pierogi, Student Life staff as judges and backup timers, cmuTV student operators and technicians, W3VC radio net, WRCT fm audio technicians, EMS crew, and of course the incredible Sweepstakes Committee.


Last but not least, Compubookie missed the print deadline getting it to us late thursday night while we were all focused on the upcoming races the next day… So with that said, here’s Compubookie 2019: CompuBookie 2019