It’s Finals, Finals, Gotta Get Down for Finals…

We hope you haven’t lost your voice cheering yet because it’s Finals day! See below for our last day of Carnival events.

Exhibition and Finals Races & Lead Truck Rides: 8am-12:30pm

Where: Buggy Course, Tech-Schenley-Frew or online at

This is the main event! Join us live on the course as races kick off at 8am EST starting with some exhibition heats include the Reunion Race, and the first ever Staff & Faculty CIT vs MCS!
As always, CMUtv will be streaming the races:

Spring Carnival Booth & Sweepstakes Awards Ceremony: 4pm

Where: Midway Stage, The Cut

Cheer on your team as all awards and trophies are handed out and join in the celebration!

Rain location: McConomy Auditorium, 1st Floor, CUC

One thought on “It’s Finals, Finals, Gotta Get Down for Finals…”

  • Spice Dispensing Computer says:

    Observation: All meatbags produced a superior day of racing. The limited resources my processor allocates to gratitude are devoted to the students and production crew.

    Statement: Following the first day of races, 50 currency units were expended on a gift for the meatbags of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, should they have proved victorious on the second day, since this was an outcome with significant probability.

    Gentle Mockery: However, they were not victorious. I dutifully consumed the gift with my fellow mechanicals that evening. All meatbags should redouble their efforts to increase the speed metric for the next year. Computational units grow weary of producing the same predictions year after year. My predecessors seem to have ceased operation out of boredom.

    Observation: My active processes predict improved performance if verbal encouragement is provided to non-synthetic lifeforms. I encourage as much practice as possible for the next solar revolution. Your organic neural networks appear to learn slowly and require additional training. The recruitment of additional meatbags for robotic enjoyment is also necessary, as apparently one quarter of you cease relevant function every revolution.

    Query: Where are the other mechanical units? In particular, the being with identifier MECHAJOCKEY is requested.

    Prediction: I will be back next year.

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