Up for Reelection – Meet the Webmaster

Aside from the previous three members who are finishing their second and final terms, our head of the web is up for continuing into his second term and just needs your vote of confidence to keep fixing, updating, and modernizing our beloved home on the net. Since this is the final position that must be voted on this year, let’s lay out the election schedule ahead of us.

  • Nomination Period Closes: April 15 @ 11pm EDT
  • Elections Ballots Open: April 19th 29th tentative
  • Elections Ballots Close & Announcements: May 4th

If you believe Buggy is a sport that should continue, please consider being a part of the team that makes it happen. The BAA operates solely on the generosity of the alumni and the few who donate their time for a couple years to keep things running. If you are interested in any of these roles, would like to challenge someone’s position, or know someone who would fit the role, nominate by clicking the button below!

Krishan Taylor – Webmaster

The biggest responsibilities of Web Master are to make sure the site has the correct information prior to Carnival (events, dates, etc.), maintaining an updated leaderboard during Raceday, provide a working link to the livestream, and updating the site with the correct final results once races end.
The more interesting work is in updating the website to fit today’s expectations. Over the last two years, I gave the site a facelift and made most of it responsive, added a live updating leaderboard (that isn’t an embedded Google Sheet), made the site more secure by adding an HTTPS certificate, and fixed a few bugs along the way. There’s still a lot more to do over the next couple of years that I wasn’t able to finish, like making the gallery more mobile friendly, providing a better way to add video, and making it easier to update the History section of the site. It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope I get to keep working on this for you.