Rolls Report: Sept 26 & 27 – Great Race Madness

What a weekend we had, while Sweepstakes had a smooth Saturday, the BAA had a small showing at this year’s Highland Games with CMU’s Pittsburgh Chapter. We had a blast showing off buggy to the Scots that showed up and are definitely planning on heading back for next year’s Games. This weekend we also finally got to see the full field enter the fray as the last couple teams completed their capabilities tests.

Sunday was possibly the most chaotic day as this was the first year that rolls have happened the same day as the Great Race. Any other year, the City would have not granted permits for this day, and now we know why. With a good portion of bus routes blocked off due to the Forbes and 5th closures, many were re-routed up Schenley drive, straight through the course. Being a little shorthanded, Sweepstakes got a little help from past chairs and other alums to help ease the mess. Eventually, the routine became easier, but then rolls ended. Teams were still able to get a few rolls each, but Sweepstakes is looking to never coincide with the Great Race again.

In Attendance 

Org Saturday Sunday
AEPi  Kamikaze
Apex  Phoenix  Phoenix
CIA  Equinox, Icarus, Impulse, Orca, Ascension  Equinox, Icarus, Ascension
Fringe  Balious, X1, Beacon, Bissa  Balious, Beacon
PhiDelt  Perun  Perun
PiKA  Banshee  Banshee
SDC  Malice, Avarice  Havoc, Vice, Malice, Avarice
SigEp  Pandora  Kraken, Pandora
SigNu  Bungarus Krait
Spirit  Inviscid, Kingpin II, Zuke, Seraph  Inviscid, Kingpin II, Seraph
Robo  Transistor  Transistor

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Rolls Report: Sept 20 – Combined Effort with New Roads

Sorry for the delay, we are working out the kinks of our new reporting machine here at BAA HQ. Special thanks this week to Anthony Pacella, Tom Wood, And Lou Conley  for notes, video and pictures from rolls with more to come as we continue to untie the knots.

This was the first weekend where teams got to experience the new roads and as expected, reports are very positive. PiKA and SigNu have yet to cape their buggies so they were not out this weekend and are hoped to return next weekend. After talking with Sweepstakes it seemed that rolls went off without a hitch logistics-wise. There are always little things that happen like not all of the police barricaders showing up, a truck making its way onto the course, ect, you know the usual excitement that every sweepstakes chair dreads. All buggies were bagged the entire day to help the drivers get acclimated or re-acclimated to the course and the speeds. With beautiful weather and freshly paved backhills, we are dreaming for every weekend to be like this.

In Attendance

Org Sunday
AEPi Kamikaze
Apex Phoenix
CIA Equinox, Icarus, Orca, Ascension
Fringe X1, Beacon, Bissa
PhiDelt Perun
SAE Lucy
SDC Havoc (?), Avarice, Malice
SigEp Kraken, Pandora
Spirit Inviscid, Kingpin, Mapambazuko, Seraph
Robo Transistor

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Kids have returned, 2015-16 season has begun

After the summer hiatus, the kids have returned which means we have too and this time in greater numbers! That’s right, as of now, we here at the BAA have the ability to divide and conquer allowing us to do more for all of you here. Most of us are spread across the country and even the world which means we’re working on delving into some regional activities starting with NYC. If you’re interested in bringing Buggy events to your area let us know, we’d be happy to help however we can! Others of us are focusing on some new materials including the return of our Raceday Recap to get you back in the buggy mood. This is only the start, there is much more going on than I have time to share here, but look for us around the Highland Games, Ceilidh and more!

As for our regular reports that you all know and love, the first weekend of rolls is set to start this very next weekend September 19th and 20th. With more alums in the area, look for some new voices coming through in this season’s rolls reports.

*UPDATE* Due to the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on Saturday September 19, there will be no rolls this Saturday, first rolls will be on Sunday September 20.