Raceday 2018
April 20-21

Timing Data: April 2

Thanks to one of our dedicated alumni, we have speed data from rolls on April 2. Using a multi-camera system, Shafeeq was able to calculate terminal Freeroll speeds and rollout speed (i.e. buggy speed after leaving the chute). The table gives the time of the rolls, the team and buggy name where known, as well as the speeds in miles per hour. The Rollout:Freeroll Ratio is an estimate of how much speed the buggy preserves through the chute.

Worth noting is that Spirit, CIA, Fishing Club, SDC, and Fringe are all consistently reaching >32mph in the Freeroll. Of this group, Spirit and Fish hold most of the top slots with Fringe, SDC, and CIA keeping pace close behind. What may turn out to be exceedingly important is that CIA and Fringe maintain more of their speed through the chute compared to Spirit and Fish.  Though, SDC is coming out (unsurprisingly) as the most well-rounded team of the bunch.

Time Team Buggy Freeroll (mph) Rollout (mph) Rollout:Freeroll Ratio
7:20 Spirit Inviscid 35.9
7:21 Spirit Zuke 35.1
7:27 PiKA Raptor 34.2
7:29 SigEP Kraken 30.7
7:33 PiKA Banshee 35.3
7:35 SigEP Kraken 30.8
7:38 Apex Phoenix 26.9 10.8 0.401487
7:43 SDC Bane 32
7:44 SDC Havoc 31.2 12.9 0.413462
7:46 Fringe Bissa 34.7 17 0.489914
7:47 Fringe Beacon 30.8 14.3 0.464286
7:49 Spirit Inviscid 35.7 17.2 0.481793
7:49 Spirit Zuke 34.5 14.2 0.411594
7:50 Spirit III 32.4 12.9 0.398148
7:51 Spirit II 31.7 12.9 0.40694
7:52 PhiDelt Perun 30.4
7:55 PiKA Raptor 35.9 17 0.473538
7:57 SigEP Kraken 27.6 7.9 0.286232
7:57 SigEp Pandora 26.9
7:59 AEPi Kamikaze 27.5
8:03 CIA Icarus 35.1 18 0.512821
8:03 CIA Equinox 34.7 18 0.518732
8:04 CIA Impulse 30.7 11.8 0.384365
8:07 SDC Malice 35.7 18.2 0.509804
8:07 SDC Orange 33.6 15.8 0.470238
8:08 SDC Bane 31.7 13.8 0.435331
8:09 SDC Havoc 31.5 14.6 0.463492
8:11 Fringe Beacon 33.5 16.4 0.489552
8:11 Fringe Bissa 33.5 15.6 0.465672
8:11 Fringe Primer 31.3 12.8 0.408946
8:14 Spirit Inviscid 35.9 late
8:15 Spirit III 32.4
8:15 Spirit II 31.2 11.2 0.358974
8:34 PiKA Raptor 35.3
8:36 SigEP Kraken 29.1
8:38 Apex Phoenix 30.4 8.1 0.266447
8:41 CIA Icarus 34.5
8:42 CIA Equinox 33.1 16.1 0.486405
8:42 CIA Impulse 14

7 Responses to Timing Data: April 2

  1. Did everybody slow down or did the extra 4mph I birches about earlier suddenly disappear from the measuring technique?

    • There was a 15-20mph headwind for the top half of the freeroll, so maybe everybody did slow down a bit.
      We’ve gone to using a longer trap length with the camera, so hopefully that cut down on errors a bit.

    • Who does not like a good Raptoring now and then…

      Azog stood, back to the wall, clad only in damp buckskins, waiting for the beast to slash at her torso until she lay helpless and bleeding on the damp cave floor. She wondered if it would kill her first, or if her limbs would be sliced from her body as the beast gorged on her.

      Instead, it reached out with a classed hand to snatch at her damp animal hide as it clung to one shoulder. Azog felt the kiss of sharp claws against her skin as the hide slid from her shoulder and exposed on naked, heaving breast. The raptor paused, curious, sniffing at her as she pressed desperately against the wall.

      A reptilian tongue, stiff and hot, dashed out to lick at the tender, naked flesh so suddenly exposed. Azog gasped at the touch, then gradually relaxed as her body warmed to the intoxicating sensation of the beast’s flesh against her own.

      She wasn’t sure if her sudden arousal was because of her earlier thwarted climax in the cool stream, or if she was just desperate for one last pleasant sensation before being torn limb from limb by the great, scaly beast. Either way, Azog relished the rasp of its tongue, hot and rough, on her sensitive skin.

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