Rolls Report: October 1 & 2 First Day of Rolls! Just Kidding.

Students and alumni alike were champing at the bit for some sweet, sweet buggy action this weekend. Unfortunately, rolls were called off mid-afternoon on Friday due to ominous weather predictions. Fortunately, for those in Pittsburgh, we were still able to get our buggy fix from Tom Wood’s always wonderful History of Buggy presentation as part of parents’ weekend.

Our intrepid teams were out and ready to roll Sunday morning. The BAA was there is full support (and maybe showing off to parents) with coffee and donuts at the top of Hill 1. But alas, wet roads meant buggies couldn’t roll. Practice was called before anyone made it around the course. This year’s Sweepstakes committee really have their eye on ┬ákeeping everyone safe, and we are in full support of that.


Hopefully we’ll be back next week with something a little more exciting than just “Rolls were canceled.”

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