Raceday 2018
April 20-21

Raceday 2017 Season Kickoff

Another fantastic year of buggy is getting underway! Teams are already well into their recruitment and Sweepstakes is spinning up with their weekly chairmen’s meetings. We’re not even a month into classes and there’s already some significant happenings going on in the buggy world.

We here at the BAA are working on a Kickoff Newsletter for everyone and already have some great articles put together. Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect to see when it gets released next week! (hopefully)

  • Letters from the officers
  • Raceday 2016 Recap analysis
  • Improved rolls timing system
  • Team Predictions for 2017
  • Upcoming events for the 2016-2017 season
  • And more!

Here are a few quick updates from the course, look for more detail in the newsletter:

  • Rolls – Delayed until Oct. 1st due to the great race the 25th. This is parents weekend and we will have a tent out at rolls with Coffee and Donuts.
  • AEPi Hiatus – AEPi is taking a year off of buggy to reorganize their team and do some soul searching. We hope that one year is all they will miss.

This weekend is also the Highland games and Buggy will again have a presence at the Pittsburgh Chapter Pavilion and this time we’re bringing the LEGO Buggy races too. If you’re stopping by the annual Scottish Festival, come say Hi and spend some time with your fellow CMU alums.

That’s all for now, see you on the course!

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