Rolls Report: November 12 & 13 – MiniRaceday!!

Rolls this week were on the chilly side, topping out just above freezing both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday saw the bare minimum for quorum, which allowed Robobuggy to get in a couple extra rolls. The start of the weekend was more or less uneventful with some buggies getting up to 7 rolls. Very few alums were out and about and the most interesting thing of the day was a flock Canadian Geese that took over Flagstaff.

Sunday, continuing in its grand tradition, was MiniRaceday. Every participating org was out and rolling, save PhiDelt who is rumored to be focusing on their new build this semester. Teams were putting in a full effort to win amazing and wonderful prizes that have yet to be announced. Other than speeding buggies, Sunday was also fairly uneventful except for SigNu’s first roll. A stop flag was accidentally thrown at the Chute and Krait came to a full spinning stop. The driver was fine and was allowed to finish the loop.

Since everyone was doing their absolute best, we’ll just leave you with the official results from Sweepstakes and alumni-taken times for the weekend.

In Attendance 

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex  Phoenix  Phoenix
CIA  Equinox, Impulse  Icarus, Impulse, Equinox
Fringe Boson, Beacon, Bolt Boson, Bissa, Bolt
PiKA Cliodhna Cliodhna
SDC Malice, Havoc, Avarice, Bane, Vice  Malice, Bane, Avarice, Bane
SigEp  Kraken, Barracuda
SigNu  Krait
Spirit  Inviscid, Kingpin, Zuke, Seraph  Kingpin, Seraph, Zuke, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery Sunday Gallery )

MiniRaceday Winners:
1) SDC
2) CIA
3) Fringe

The top three teams are not too surprising considering the last few years of buggies. It is interesting that Spirit and PiKA were among the top 5 but not top 3. PiKA seemed to be lagging a bit on the back hills and the cold may have been sapping Spirit’s speed. Word is that SDC and CIA were heating wheels, which likely provided their edge.

Our fearless and well-insulated alumni were out on both Saturday and Sunday taking timing data using similar methods from last Spring.

Saturday Times

Team Buggy Freeroll Speed (mph) Chute Loss
PiKA 35.3 6
SDC Malice 36.1 6.6
SDC Bane 32.7
Fringe Red/Blue 33.5 6
Fringe Yellow/Black 32.4 5.8
CIA Equinox 35.9 6.1
CIA Impulse 32.5 4.6
Apex 19.9 5.6
Spirit Kingpin 34.7 6.9
Spirit Zuke 33.9 4.8
Spirit Inviscid 29.3 5.4
Fringe Red/Blue 33.5 5.5
Fringe Yellow/Black 32.2 5.2
CIA Impulse 34.1 6.8
Apex 26.7 4.8
Spirit Zuke 34.1 6.3
Spirit Stripes 34.8 7.1
Spirit Inviscid 30.2
PiKA 35.9 7.2
SDC Malice 35.9 6.6
SDC Bane 30.7 5.6
SDC Orange 29.9 5
SDC Green 28.9 5.1
Fringe Red/Blue
Fringe Yellow/Black
Fringe Gray/Orange
CIA Impulse 32.5 5.5
CIA Equinox 35.9 6.4
Apex 26.7 5.1
SDC Malice 35.9 7.2
SDC Bane 30.2 5.6
SDC Orange 30.5 5.6
SDC Green
Fringe Yellow/Black 32 5.2
Apex 21.3 4.6
Spirit Kingpin 34.1 6.3
Spirit Zuke 33.5 5.5
Spirit Inviscid 31
SDC Bane 34.5 7.9
SDC Orange 30.4 5.1

Sunday Times

Team Buggy Freeroll Speed (mph) Chute Loss
SigEp Kraken 28.7
SigEp Gray 28.3
SDC Bane 34.2 4.3
SDC Malice 31.2 3.8
SDC Orange 30.2 4.3
SDC Green 28.5 4.2
Fringe Red/Blue
CIA Equinox
CIA Impulse 32.2 3.5
CIA Icarus 29.3 3.1
SigNu Krait 32.4 4.7
Spirit Kingpin
Spirit Zuke 33.9 4.2
PiKA  Cliodhna 34.7 5.5
SigEp Kraken 28 3.9
SigEp Gray 27.5 3.9
SDC Malice 35.1 5
SDC Bane 31 3.3
SDC Orange 29.9 3.4
SDC Green 28.2 3.5
Fringe Red/Blue 33.9 4.2
Fringe Yellow/Black 33.3 4.8
CIA Equinox 35.5 4.1
CIA Impulse 32 3.8
CIA Icarus 29.3 3.1
Spirit Kingpin 34.1 5.4
Spirit Stripes 34.1 5.5
Spirit Inviscid 31.8 5.6
SigEp Kraken 26.7 4
SDC Malice 34.5 3.7
SDC Bane 29 3.7
SDC Orange 28.9 3.6
SDC Green 27.9 3.1
Fringe Red/Blue 35.1 4.3
Fringe Gray 33.1 3.4
Fringe Yellow/Black
CIA Equinox 34.2 4.2
CIA Impulse 33.1 3.7
CIA Icarus 29.9 2.9

The discrepancies between the fastest teams (Fringe, SDC, PiKA, Spirit, CIA) down the Freeroll seem to rather small, and can likely be leveled out by impressive Hill 1’s. However, PiKA and Spirit are losing significant speed through the Chute, which ultimately affects rollouts and the backhill times. The SDC and CIA drivers seem to have found their sweet spots when it comes to navigating the Chute and are bleeding off minimal speed. Fringe sits strongly in the middle of the leading pack, with speed Freerolls and solid Chute lines, but just can’t seem to edge out CIA and SDC.

Altogether it was a great weekend for rolls. This coming weekend will be the last possible day of rolls before it’s time for the buggies to go into hibernation in their cozy garages. Come out this weekend to get your last buggy fix before winter settles in.

Rolls Report Contributors:
Ben M.
Natalie M.
Shafeeq S.