Giving Tuesday – The Alumni Battle

While many of us would like to still be doing buggy, we are relegated to the sidelines just to watch and cheer our past teams on. That’s all about to change! Now’s your chance to compete again and cheer harder than ever before… with your money.

That’s right, with CMU jumping on the #GivingTuesday bandwagon under the guise of their own #GivingCMUday, we are getting in on that action with our own little friendly competition between alumni. Of course, no good competition goes without reward, so the alumni team that donates the most before Spring Rolls begin will get a special congratulations come Raceday in the form of a special note from the booth and another To-Be-Announced reward given out at one of our Carnival weekend events!

How do you do this you ask? Well it’s a simple 2 step process:


    This link should make things easy, but make sure you have the Buggy Alumni Association listed under the “Selected Designations”


    Let us know which team you’re donating for so we know as soon as you donate!

RULES (’cause we really love rules, you’ve seen the by-laws right?):

  • We will be checking our account to keep you honest, and provide updates periodically.
  • Donations to CMU are Tax deductible.
  • Only donations made starting today (Nov. 29th, 2016) until the first day of Spring rolls will be counted for this competition.
  • Team prize will be announced before the end of the competition and will only be available to those who attend Raceday 2017 in person.