Raceday is coming and the BAA wants you!

Raceday is upon us and as the students scramble to get in those last precious rolls, perfect wheel treatments, and finish paint jobs, the BAA committee is working to organize services and events that you have come to love during Carnival. But, none of it is possible without the amazing volunteers like you!

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the WRCT pre-Carnival broadcast (Wednesday April 10 at 8pm), participate in the Design Showcase panel (Thursday April 11 at 12:30pm), and volunteers to help us around the course during preliminaries and finals (Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13).

If you can donate even an hour of your time, please sign up. Volunteers will be rewarded with our eternal gratitude, the satisfaction of making Raceday great, and a small but tangible token of the BAA’s appreciation.


Click the button and let us know what you can help us with!


Author’s Note: If my Photoshop skills were better, there would be a great image of Ben Matzke wearing stars and stripes angrily pointing a finger at you.


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