2019 Lead Truck Auction IS NOW OPEN

The 2019 Lead Truck Auction is now open for bidding!  As a reminder, online bidding closes Wednesday at 11pm ET.  Bidding on the Finals heats begins online, with the leading bidders having the option of which heat to apply their leading bid to – That leading bid will then become the starting bid for the selected heat during our Live Auction on Friday Night.  Full information can be found here (UPDATE: THE PENS TAKE ON THE ISLANDERS IN NY FOR GAME 2 ON FRIDAY NIGHT, AND THE GAME WILL BE ON DURING THE EVENT!)

So go on and bid now, and tell all of your friends and family that will be at Carnival this year (the auction is open to the public; you don’t need to be a BAA member to win)!  Help support the BAA and our sponsorship of Raceday 2019!

And as a reminder, if you haven’t renewed your BAA membership this year, the Raceday Preview will be coming out this week, so please email join@cmubuggy.org with a copy of your donation receipt, and we’ll make sure that you’re on the list to receive the preview.

2 thoughts on “2019 Lead Truck Auction IS NOW OPEN”

  • “Interesting” heats:
    Women’s 2, could be close at the top of hill & again on hill 3.
    Women’s 3, Fringe gets to hill 3 first, but do they go into the freeroll first?
    Women’s 5, Can Apex’s front hills out-Spirit Spirit? Either way Spirit gets to hill 3 first.
    Men’s 6, Because CIA A-PiKA B was so much fun in the past, why not do it again one team lower?
    Men’s 11, Too bad one likely can’t see the C-team duel from the truck.

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