Upcoming Events and New Initiatives #1

With the first couple weekends of rolls behind us, the 100th year of buggy has officially begun! I am proud to serve as the BAA President in this auspicious time, and am already in awe at the work put in by students, alumni and staff to make Buggy100 happen. We’ll be announcing new initiatives throughout the year, and already there are a couple to share

Family Weekend and Homecoming Programming

For both weekends we’ll have bagels, coffee, and hot chocolate available for alumni attending Rolls Practice, weather permitting. Additionally our very own Tom Wood has graciously agreed to present the History of Buggy once on each weekend for interested enthusiasts! In addition to having a buggy or two on hand, I’ve heard that there will be some new material for returning attendees, in case you’ve been before.

New Team Incubator

We’ve built a structured incubator for new buggy teams, combining physical resources (loanable buggies and wheels), mentorship from an appointed alum, and a small seed fund each ($500). In addition, several BAA officers and members are collaborating on an open source Buggy Build Book to guide new teams on the basics of composites and racing. Several new or returning teams have been accepted and we’re hoping to see them at rolls very soon!

Raceday Event Expansion

Of course, Buggy100 is going to be a big event! We’ll be throwing a centennial celebration to mark the occasion, with additional Decades of Buggy reception events to reconnect with other buggy alumni Friday afternoon. We’re expecting a big crowd so we’re looking to spruce up amenities and attractions across the board. Lots more announcements in this area to come

Let us know what you think in the BAA Discord chat! https:/cmubuggy.org/chat

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