Giving CMU Day and New Membership Levels

In connection with Buggy100, we are offering special membership options for anyone who wants to support the centennial activities or the future of Sweepstakes.  We are also proud to announce the formation of a Buggy Endowed Fund! The BAA, University Advancement, the Office of Alumni Relations, and others have worked to set up an Endowed Fund specifically to support Sweepstakes in perpetuity, administered jointly by the BAA and CMU. Yields from the Endowed Fund will be awarded by a board of BAA officers, CMU staff, and current Sweepstakes officers each year to support the continued success and growth of Sweepstakes. We’ll dig into the details of how the funds will be distributed and managed in a future post for those interested.

Also, next Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 is #GivingCMUDay! Giving CMU Day is a great opportunity to get your gift matched 1:1 by various university funds. Details on gift matching are at the end of this post.

Without further ado, our new membership offerings!

Limo (Bronze) Membership – $10+

This is the standard membership and is unchanged from the past – You’ll receive the Raceday Preview and other BAA publications, and have access to BAA-only events!

Quantum Leap (Silver) Membership – $100+

At this level, you’ll receive everything at the Limo level, PLUS you’ll receive a limited edition Buggy100 T-Shirt!

Golden Goose (Gold) Membership – $1,000+

At this level, you’ll receive 2 copies of everything at the Quantum Leap level, PLUS you’ll receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the BAA (Note that donations at this level will contribute to the Buggy Endowed Fund).

Regardless of which Membership Level you donate at, if you donate AT LEAST $50, we will list you (or your designee) in a “Special Thanks” section of and in the Raceday Preview.

In case you were looking for a matching opportunity to get a little more out of your gift, #givingcmuday is coming up on December 3rd!

This event will allow 1:1 matching for gifts between $5 and $100 for the following groups (who have not made a gift since June 30th, 2019):

  • CMU Alumni (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Parents of CMU students who are neither alumni nor students themselves

Additionally, current students (including part time) who have not made a gift since June 30th, 2019 are eligible for 1:1 matching for gifts from $5 up to $250.

There is a limited amount of funds available for matching so be sure to get in early on the action! Please let us know if you have any questions; we can be reached by email ( as well as through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or join us on our Discord chat server!

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