Rolls Report: Oct. 26 – Frankensweepstakes

Welcome to the special Frankensweepstakes Edition Rolls Report! I got to wear two hats: Rolls Reporting Officer and Safety Chairman. Since Jake and Tishya were out of town this weekend, Sophia (Buggy 100 Chair) and I filled in for the rest of Sweepstakes. It felt good to be back in the seat and I felt oddly nostalgic giving out accident reports again. This Homecoming Weekend saw a great alumni turnout and a (mostly) incident free day of practice, where teams got up to 5 rolls in.

It also seemed that I missed the Sweepstakes memo on matching socks… (thanks a lot Sophia and Diya).

Tishya if you’re reading this, stop highlighting as you read. It’s weird.

In Attendance 

ApexPhoenix, Firefly, Solaris
CIAFicarus, Equinox, Bempest
FringeBoson, Blueshift, Bumper, Blindfaith
PiKARaptor, Banshee, Cleodhna
SDCAvarice, Vice, Vanity
SigEpBarracuda, Hydra
SpiritKingpin II, Seraph, Zuke, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery)

What did I say, Tishya?

Apex met its match this weekend. Literally. Here’s a picture of Firefly and its doppelganger, Ficarus. Really, the only way to tell the teams apart is by which is missing a rear hatch.

CIA was back at it with the buggy costume antics. Icarus pulled off an amazing Firefly costume that arguably puts the original to shame. And coming from a mechanic who built Firefly, that’s saying a lot. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this weekend!

Fringe brought Bumper back out this weekend to clear up any confusion about Bempest. Poor Sophia… as if learning all the buggies wasn’t hard enough, now they all look the same!

PiKA was out, with its trio of buggies making the rounds. Here’s a picture of the brothers kickin’ back with their buggies in the bed of a pickup truck after rolls. *cue country music*

SDC was out with its squad of vuggies (Vice, Vanity, Avarice). Vice’s front hatch came loose, leading to a controlled stop just past the Westinghouse monument. The driver was quickly cleared and extracted off the road during the next team’s roll. Vice’s hatch was then secured, and the buggy was back on the course in the next cycle–much to the relief of former SDC mechanic and current BAA President, Michael Darcy.

SigEp got three rolls in, despite Barracuda’s objections. The buggy was in a bad mood after failing its first attempt at drops and retaliated later in the day by ditching a rear hatch.

Spirit received the second accident report of the day when Inviscid took a wide line, brushing some hay bales in the chute, but was cleared and pushed up the backhills. In other news, my correspondent in the chute tells me Spirit was moving FAST.

Gesling goers may have noticed the enormous inflatable buggy at the Homecoming game. Impulse also made an appearance at the booth, giving attendees a chance to squeeze in and see what being a driver feels like. In addition to the fun and food, the booth was giving out the most adorable drawback-and-go buggy toys. I was heartbroken when I heard I missed my chance to get one, however, I heard the last one went to Tom Wood. And if anyone deserves one more than me, it’s Tom Wood.

Rumor of the week:

The sport of Buggy has evolved greatly over the last century. We’ve seen buggies that look like shopping carts, bicycles, and even fish. In the past decade, we’ve seen autonomous buggies rolling around the course. What could possibly be the next stage of buggy evolution?

While most thought the inflatable buggy was a just a promotional piece, many have speculated that this was the first prototype of a new buggy division:

The Air Buggy.

The BAA is currently running tests with the buggy blimps, hoping to take to the skies at the 100th year anniversary. Now, drivers will have to face off against birds instead of squirrels.

Stay tuned for the next rolls report and any buggy related updates!

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