3/31 Town Hall Follow-Up #1

Hi all,

This is the first follow-up update from the Town Hall (and consequently, housekeeping after the cancellation of Raceday). If you weren’t able to make it to the Town Hall, you can take a listen here.

  1. Membership and benefits — Complete: All memberships and benefits from this year will rather apply to next year. There have been no concerns brought to us at this point regarding the delivery or postponement of rewards so we will consider this complete.
  2. Consolation print — In progress: We have decided to send out a poster designed by Gregg Valley to Silver and above BAA members. There will be an email later this week to solicit your address if you would like to receive a poster, free of charge. You can see the design here and order additional copies, including high quality signed ones. The BAA print design previewed earlier will be used for future merchandise.
  3. Budget — In progress: There are several large items which we still expect to spend funds and work on, so this item may be the last to close. I don’t expect to provide a substantial update on this until approximately July when the fiscal year closes and we can concretely say what our funding situation is. It is still accurate at this time that we (Sweepstakes, the BAA, and CMU staff) have spent very little of the Raceday budget, however some budget will not roll over and some items can be completed now for next year, so spending will be in constant flux.
  4. Homecoming — Completed until Fall 2020: With feedback from the staff, we have learned that there is very little space in the Homecoming 2020 schedule for new events. The BAA will continue expanding support for Homecoming but as a separate smaller initiative rather than under the Centennial collaboration.
  5. New content including livestream — In Progress: Chute the Sh!t has hit a technical snag this week and episodes may be delayed slightly. Also to report, we have completed the sound check and test stream for the livestream. All that’s left to do is collect videos from you all! We will write a post soon (this weekend?) about that.
  6. Elections — In Progress: Positions up for re-election have been identified and we are working on the descriptions and ballot forms. Elections are currently scheduled near the end of April.
  7. Gifts for students — In Progress: A poll has been sent to current students to collect ideas for what they would like. A few teams have responded already and the poll closes on Friday. Then next week we will meet to decide what to make! The ideas from the BAA were not unanimously received by the current students in the Centennial Committee so we wanted to seek more input before going forward.